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Shina's profile indicating her Abilities Plus

Ability Plus, also called Hyper-Beast Form Ability, is a special attribute, introduced in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, which serve to assist the fighters in battle whenever they goes to Hyper Beast Form. All characters have two of them. Certain abilities are unique to a character, for exemple, Busuzima is the only fighters to have Invisible Effect due to his particular Beast form.

List of Abilities[]

Name Description Characters
All Block Break All attacks can break Light Guard Gado
Any Cancel A

Can cancel all conventional attacks.

You can shift a move from a conventional attack (with no more than one direction input) to a command attack (with more than one directional input), except for command throws.

Bakuryu, Fang, Kohryu, Gado, Xion, Yugo
Any Cancel B

Can cancel all attacks.

You can shift your move from one command attack to another. You cannot move the same command attacks.

Busuzima, Ganesha, Nagi, Shenlong, Uranus, Shina
Consecutive Hit Effect Void the opponents' block ability giving you the possibility to hit them continuously Alice, Fang, Long, Nagi, Reiji, Yugo
Counter Hit Effect All attacks are treated as Counter Hits. Long, Uriko, Uranus, Shina
Energy Drain Any attack that lands on an opponent will restore health Jenny
Invisible Effect The character will turn invisible. Taking damage briefly removes the effect. Busuzima
Kezuri A Blocked attacks cause damage (between 20% and 40% of normal) Bakuryu
Kezuri B

Blocked attacks damage on multiple parts of the opponent's body (High,Middle, Low).

You can still inflict damage to an opponent who blocks an attack.

Power Block The user's Light Guard gains the same effectiveness as a Heavy Guard. Shenlong, Stun
Power Launch Throw the opponent further and higher Jenny
Power Legs Increased leg attacks performance Alice
Rave All attacks speed increases, your defense ability increase and you can cancel any attacks. Cronos, Reiji
Speed Up Attack speed increases Stun
Super Armor

The fighter doesn't suffer hit stun when taking a hit.

Ganesha, Kohryu
Transformation Transform into a different form in HyperBeast Cronos
Void the Opponent's Defensive Ability

Bypasses any defensive modifiers. 

Those who have this ability can break down a HyperBeast Form defense as if the opponent was in Human Form.



  • Kezuri (削り) is a japansese word meaning Cutting or Scrapping, it's the only Ability Plus to still have its name untranslated

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