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Shina's profile indicating her Abilities Plus

Ability Plus is a special attribute which serve to assist the fighter in battle whenever he goes to Hyper Beast Form or, sometimes, regular Beast Form. All characters have two of them. Certain abilities are unique to a character, for exemple, Busuzima is the only fighters to have Invisible Effect due to his particular Beast form.

Ability Plus has been officialised in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury but somes of this attributes like Energy Drain or Speed Up was present since Bloody Roar 2 .

List of Abilities

  • All Block Break : [...]
  • Any Cancel A: Ability to cancel any Common and Co-op attacks.
  • Any Cancel B: Ability to cancel any attack by inputting the same Command attack multiple times, or using a throw attack.
  • Counter Effect : Ability to counter certain attack (kick or punch).
  • Consecutive Hit Effect: When an opponent takes a hit, and steps back, it becomes easier to land combos successfully.
  • Consecutive Hit Effect (Air Combo): When an opponent takes a hit, it becomes easier to perform Air Combos on them.
  • Counter Hit Effect: All attacks are treated as Counter Hits.
  • Energy Drain: In Beast Mode, his throw attack steals Health Point from the opponent.
  • High Speed Movement: All attacks begin faster.
  • Invisible Effect: In Hyper Mode, he will turn invisible.
  • Kezuri A : [...]
  • Kezuri B : [...]
  • Kick Attack Power Up: All kick attacks gain Guard Break (you can't block against them), and increase in strength.
  • Power Block : [...]
  • Power Legs : [...]
  • Power Guard: Neutral Guard gains the same effectiveness as Heavy Guard
  • Rave : [...]
  • Shave-down Effect: If the opponent is blocking, then you can whittle down their health.
  • Speed Up: In Beast Mode, his speed increase
  • Super Armor : [...]
  • Transformation: In Hyper Mode, he will transform himself as a different beast that in Beast Mode
  • Void an Opponent's Defense : [...]