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Bakuryu is a title that refers to two fighters in the Bloody Roar series:

  • Ryuzo "Bakuryu" from the first installment of Bloody Roar
  • Kenji "Bakuryu" from the second installment of Bloody Roar and onwards, and successor of Ryuzo.

The exact meaning was never explained, we know that "Bakuryu" is a title associated with a master of the ancient art of ninjas. Both Bakuryu sees themselves as such and they both started as mercenaries which also seems to be associated with the title. Ryuzo was said to be feared as the "modern ninja" and had his title tied with "conspiracy" and "sabotage."[1]

Since Ryuzo came with this name for himself, it is fair to say that only one person at a time can have this title, even if it was not confirmed. Kenji became Bakuryu only after Ryuzo's death, he won the title by following his training.