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There are two soundtracks for Bloody Roar; one is for the arcade version[1] while the other, titled Primal Scream [2], is for the home console release. Stylistically, the console soundtrack is largely instrumental rock, showing inspiration from 80's heavy metal tunes with a strong presence of guitar riffs, while the arcade soundtrack makes use of upbeat synth sounds often associated with arcade games.

Primal Scream (Console)[]


Track No. Track Name
1 Defenders of the Legacy Opening
2 Wild Horizon Mode Select
3 Forces of Nature Character Select
4 Bad Moon Rising Yugo
5 Cry of the Legend Gado
6 The Wall of Destiny Long
7 Angel Fire Alice
8 Underground Bakuryu
9 Bad Mama Mitsuko
10 Psychotic Nature Fox
11 Return to the Wild Greg
12 Bored to Death Uriko, Tylon Lab stage
13 Unsatisfied Ending
14 Into the Wind Staff Rol
15 Down and Dirty Continue
16 The Forgotten Game Over
17 The Nameless One Name Entry
18 Champions Ranking

Production Credits[]

Producer & Composer Takayuki Negishi
Director Keisuke Mitsui (Hudson), Kenji Fukuya (Hudson)
Promoter Ryutaro Kajino (Hudson), Syoko Sekine (Hudson)
Executive Producer Hideo Takada (Hudson)
Special Thanks Toshiyuki Sasagawa (Hudson), Haruki Mitani (Hudson), Bill Ritch (Hudson), Yuji Saito (Imagine)
Guitar Takayuki Hijikata
Bass Michio Nagaoka
Drums Toshinobu Takimoto
Synthesizer Takayuki Negishi
Guitar Makoto Matsushita (Track 17)
Recording & Mix Engineer Ikuya Shimizuno
Mastering Ken Takagi (Farous)
A&R Coordinator Masanobu Suezaki (Kitty)
Artwork Coordinator Naoko Iwasaki (Polygram)
Illustration Naochika Morishita/Caramel Mama
Jacket Design Teruko Hamaya

Arcade/Beastorizer Soundtrack[]


Track No. Track Name
1 Reason of Battle Opening
2 Coin / Legend Character Select
3 Hard Elbow Colosseum stage
4 Round Up Seaside stage
5 Atomic Sucker Nuclear Plant stage
6 Let's Rave On! New Challenger
7 Melted Metal Ironworks stage
8 Dropping Out Ruins in S.A. stage
9 Silent Gravity Sunset Bridge stage
10 Impact! Win
11 Trespass Under Highway stage
12 Radical Shot Desert stage
13 Pain~Flow Lose/Continue
14 Enter Sandman Game Over
15 Rubber Lover Tylon Lab stage
16 Recollections Name Entry/Ranking
17 Meaning of Victory Ending

Composer Credits[]

Each composer is credited as working for the following songs:

Atsuhiro Motoyama Reason of Battle, Coin, Legend, Melted Metal, Silent Gravity, Impact!, Pain, Flow, Meaning of Victory
Kenichi Koyano Hard Elbow, Round Up, Dropping Out, Trespass, Radical Shot
Hitoshi Sakimoto Atomic Sucker
Manabu Namiki (Raizing) Let's Rave On!, Enter Sandman
Masaharu Iwata Rubber Lover
Tomoko Miyagi (Raizing) Recollections

Production Credits[]

Executive Producer Takashi Kasiwagi (Wonder Spirits)
Producer Taku Kitahara
A&R Producer Takamitu Sato (Wonder Spirits)
Illustration Naochika Morishita (Caramel Mama)
Jacket Design Kunihiko Fujimoto
Special Thanks Hudson Staff
Supervisor Raizing Co., Ltd.

Packaging Artwork[]