The soundtrack for Bloody Roar: Primal Fury consists of 24 tracks. Like Bloody Roar 3 and the arcade soundtracks for the first two series entries, each non-menu song is based off of the stage it plays in. However, the names of several tracks, as listed on the soundtrack CD, do not match up with where they might suggest they play.


Track No. Track Name Duration
1 Extreme! 1:29
2 Natural Order 1:33
3 Primal Selection 1:33
4 Fighting Journey 1:31
5 Get Ready? 1:33
6 Asian Gate 1:34
7 Chinese Temple 1:36
8 Freeway 1:35
9 Aircraft Carrier 1:36
10 Midnight Rooftop 1:33
11 Back Alley 0:33
12 Aquarium 1:03
13 Indian Palace 0:14
14 Evil Laboratory 0:20
15 Chaos Laboratory 0:51
16 Nice! 1:36
17 Silent Survivor 2:05
18 Never Forget 0:08
19 Challenger 0:06
20 No Good... 0:07
21 Back Out 0:07
22 Catastrophe 1:33
23 Restless Haste 1:06
24 Final Answer 1:31

Durations based on information directly from the soundtrack disc.

Track Names and Stages

As noted earlier, the track names for several songs on the soundtrack CD don't match up with the stages or instances in which they play. Differences are noted below:

Natural Order - Plays in the Aquarium.

Primal Selection - Plays in the Chinese Temple.

Fighting Journey - Plays on the Aircraft Carrier.

Get Ready? - Plays on the Midnight Rooftop.

Asian Gate - Plays in the Back Alley.

Chinese Temple - Plays at the Asian Gate.

Aircraft Carrier - Plays in the Indian Palace.

Midnight Rooftop - Plays in the Evil Laboratory.

Back Alley - Plays at the main menu.

Aquarium - Plays during character selection.

Indian Palace - Plays at the 'Game Over' screen.

Evil Laboratory - Plays during the countdown timer.

Chaos Laboratory - Plays at the 'Congratulations' screen after Arcade mode and during high score entries.

Nice! - Plays during the credits.

Silent Survivor - [...]

Never Forget - Plays after winning a match.

Challenger - Plays at the 'New Challenger' screen.

No Good... - Plays while loading between matches.

Back Out - Plays after losing a match.

Catastrophe - Plays in the Chaos Laboratory.

Restless Haste - Plays during each character's Arcade mode ending.

Final Answer - Plays during the text crawl at the beginning of Arcade mode.

Production Credits

Music - Hiromichi Furuya

Recording Engineer - Masaaki Inoue

Guitar -KENMI

CD Work Staff Credits

A&R - Hiromasa Kakizaki <AMJ>

Plan & Work - CATS

Prodeucer^ - Toshinori Numata <CATS>

Director - Osamu Abukawa <CATS>

A. Director - Mayuko Mizuki <CATS>

Art Director - Hidenori Une <B plus>

^ - spelled that way on the booklet.