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The soundtrack for Bloody Roar 2 has no official physical release on its own. However, thirteen tracks from the game (2-14 in the list below) were included as bonus tracks on the Bloody Roar 3 soundtrack.

Like its predecessor, Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar 2 score follows the heavy metal and hard rock genres.


Track No. Track Name
1 Roaring Supreme Opening
2 Bringer of the New Age Story Mode Opening
3 No One Can Stop Me Yugo
4 This One's For You Alice
5 Heavenly Long
6 Nap Time Shina
7 Scourge of the Night Bakuryu
8 Ready? Uriko
9 No Joke Busuzima
10 Want Some More? Jenny
11 It's My Turn Now Stun
12 While You Still Can Gado
13 You're Dead Shenlong
14 Lust in Peace Staff Roll
15 Return of Wild Unused

Production Credits[]

Sound Coordinator Keisuke Mitsui (Hudson)
Composer Takayuki Negishi
Guitar Jun Kajiwara
Bass Michio Nagaoka
Drums Toshinobu Takimoto
Synthesizer Takayuki Negishi
Recording Engineer Ikuya Shimizuno
Assistant Engineer Kazuyo Sakaguchi, Atsushi Fujita
Recording Management Yuji Saito (Imagine), Masafumi Mori (Imagine)
Recording Studio TAI Studio, Azabu West Studio

Unused & Extra Tracks[]

Return Of Wild[]

This is an extra track on the soundtrack. It is a remix of sorts of "Return to the Wild", Greg's theme from the home console Bloody Roar soundtrack.

Unused Track[]

This track, discover in the game files, was not included in the soundtrack and did not make it to the final result of Bloody Roar 2.  


  • As the Bloody Roar 2 tracks were only available on CD with the Bloody Roar 3 soundtrack, on the album credits, the staff who only worked on the Bloody Roar 2 soundtracks was noticed as working on the "Bonus Tracks".