The soundtrack for Bloody Roar 2 has no known, official physical release on its own. However, thirteen tracks from the game (2-14 in the list below) were included as bonus tracks on the Bloody Roar 3 soundtrack.


Track No. Track Name Duration
1 Roaring Supreme (Intro theme) 0:50
2 Bringer of the New Age (Story Mode opening) 1:08
3 No One Can Stop Me (Yugo) 1:35
4 This One's For You (Alice) 1:47
5 Heavenly (Long) 1:42
6 Nap Time (Marvel/Shina) 1:45
7 Scourge of the Night (Bakuryu) 1:45
8 Ready? (Uriko) 1:37
9 No Joke (Busuzima) 1:36
10 Want Some More? (Jenny) 1:47
11 It's My Turn Now (Stun) 1:29
12 While You Still Can (Gado) 1:46
13 You're Dead (Shenlong) 1:51
14 Lust in Peace (Staff Roll) 2:05
15 Return of Wild 1:05

Durations based on information directly from the Bloody Roar 3 soundtrack disc, save for those not included on it.

Full Production Credits

Produced by - Yoshihiro Ohno (Scitron & Art Inc.)

Directed by - Takahiro "T.J!" Yagi (Scitron & Art Inc.), Keisuke Mitsui (Hudson)

Composed by - Takayuki Negishi

Guitar - Jun Kajiwara

Bass - Michio Nagaoka

Drums - Atsuo Okamoto, Toshinobu Takimoto (Bonus Track)

Synthesizer - Takayuki Negishi

Recording Engineer - Hiroshi Ohsako, Ikuya Shimizuno (Bonus Track)

Assistant Engineer - Satoru Izaki, Masahiro Fukuhara, Kazuyo Sakaguchi (Bonus Track), Atsushi Fujita (Bonus Track)

Recording Management - Yuji Saito (Imagine), Masafumi Mori (Bonus Track) (Imagine)

Recording Studio - MIT Studio, TAI Studio (Bonus Track), Azabu West Studio (Bonus Track), Studio Soundship

Mastered by - Yoshitomo Nogawa (Scitron & Art Inc.)

Original Game Director - Kenji Fukuya (Hudson)

Original Game Promoter - Tomohisa Goi (Hudson), Satoshi Kobayashi (Hudson)

Designed by - Nada (Scitron & Art Inc.)

Promoted by - Katsunori Takahashi (Scitron & Art Inc.), Tsuyoshi Tonosaki (Scitron & Art Inc.)

Release Operated by - Uki Nita (Scitron & Art Inc.)

BIG THANKS to - Takayuki Iwabuchi (Hudson), Keita Hoshi (Hudson), Norihito Miyamoto (Hudson)

Executive Produced by - Kazuke Obi (Scitron & Art Inc.)

Unused & Extra Tracks

Return Of Wild

This is an extra track on the soundtrack. It is a remix of sorts of "Return to the Wild", Greg's theme from the home console Bloody Roar soundtrack.

Bloody Roar 2 - Return Of Wild Extra Track

Bloody Roar 2 - Return Of Wild Extra Track

Unused Track

This track, discover in the game files, was not included in the soundtrack and did not make to the final result of Bloody Roar 2.  

Bloody Roar 2 OST - Unused Track-0

Bloody Roar 2 OST - Unused Track-0