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The Bloody Roar 2 Redub is a fan project consisting to give a new English voice acting to Bloody Roar 2 game. This project started on March 2020 and was released on February 2021 as a patch to the original game.

The goal of this project is to give an English dub closer to the intensity of the original Japanese voice acting.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, voice actor Casey Mongillo came up with the idea to create a new dub for the fighting game Bloody Roar 2. This game was chosen particularly because of a then-recent experience with trying out the game for the first time extensively, and enjoying it the most out of the series. Casey, having past experience with editing core game files, possessed the tools to edit Playstation 1 game files, in this case, replacing the game's audio files with newly redubbed lines. This passion "quarantine project" was made relatively feasible by the game's reasonably sized cast and accessibility to talent, as, at this time, professional voice acting projects were largely suspended. This gave extra free time to Casey and Kira Buckland, their roommate and fellow voice actor, to coordinate the project between co-workers and friends.

They reworked fighter voices that where lacking, giving them more intensity, and their quotes, for a closer translation to the Japanese version. That said, some of the original English quotes were kept, as they were seen as more dynamic than their Japanese counterparts.

The project quickly developed as they convinced new voice actors to join. As professionals, most of them already had related equipment in their home to give quality recordings. However, there was still challenge in having a cohesive voice ensemble, as each voice actor had to record from home, giving variations in term of quality and volume. An added challenge was that, to match the PS1's hardware limitations, the new audio files needed to be converted to match the console format, deeply lowering quality, even having to match the file sizes to the number. However, this ensures that the redub functions properly if applied to physical media, not just digital.

As this editing process is only able to change what was already present in the game, the project does not have additional audio, especially for the Story Mode, as it doesn't have any voice files to replace.

Once completed, the project was released as patch on February 10th, 2021 via twitter. To obtain it, users need to contact via Twitter Casey Mongillo to ask them a download link for the patch.

Voice actors casting[]

Voice Actor Fighter
Bill Butts Announcer
Kayli Mills Alice the Rabbit
Casey Mongillo Bakuryu the Mole
River Vitae Busuzima the Chameleon
Bill Rogers Gado the Lion
Lisa Ortiz Jenny the Bat
Kaiji Tang Long the Tiger
Xander Mobus Shenlong the Tiger
Morgan Berry Shina the Leopard
Eddie Correa Jr. Stun the Insect
Kira Buckland Uriko the Half-Beast
Edward Bosco Yugo the Wolf

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