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The soundtrack for Bloody Roar 3]] consists of 35 tracks[1] including thirteen bonus tracks from the soundtrack for Bloody Roar 2.

This soundtrack was the first in the game series to not be split between an arcade and home console soundtrack. While prior home console versions had songs based on each character, Bloody Roar 3's soundtrack follows the arcade pattern of basing each song on the stages.

Bloody Roar 3 score keeps the use of heavy metal with strong presence of guitar and drum now typical to the Bloody Roar series.


Track No. Track Name
1 Into the Battlefield Opening
2 Wild Consultation Main menu
3 No Remorse Character selection
4 Dangerous Expectation Prologue
5 Dead or Alive Versus screen
6 Dino Museum Dino Museum stage
7 Underground Falls Under Ground Falls stage
8 Freezing Space Freezing Space stage
9 Sea Fortress
10 Midnight City Midnight City stage
11 Silent Temple
12 Slum Street
13 Mystery Relics Mystery Relics stage
14 Beast Legacy Beast Legacy stage
15 Might of Nature Winning a match
16 Painful Memories Epilogue
17 Love and Hate Staff roll
18 The Breaker New challenger
19 Unfulfilled Desires Losing a match
20 Countdown to Extinction Continue screen
21 Earth of Despair Game Over
22 Brief Repose Rank

Production Credits[]

Producer Yoshihiro Ohno (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Director Takahiro "T.J!" Yagi (Scitron & Art Inc.), Keisuke Mitsui (Hudson)
Composer Takayuki Negishi
Guitar Jun Kajiwara
Bass Michio Nagaoka
Drums Atsuo Okamoto
Synthesizer Takayuki Negishi
Recording Engineer Hiroshi Ohsako
Assistant Engineer Satoru Izaki, Masahiro Fukuhara
Recording Management Yuji Saito (Imagine)
Recording Studio MIT Studio, Studio Soundship
Mastering Engineer Yoshitomo Nogawa (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Designer Nada (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Promoter Katsunori Takahashi (Scitron & Art Inc.), Tsuyoshi Tonosaki (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Release Operator Uki Nita (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Special Thanks Takayuki Iwabuchi (Hudson), Keita Hoshi (Hudson), Norihito Miyamoto (Hudson)
Executive Producer Kazuke Obi (Scitron & Art Inc.)

Packaging Artwork[]


  • As the CD combines Bloody Roar 3 and Bloody Roar 2 tracks, on the credits, the staff who only worked on the Bloody Roar 2 soundtracks was noted as working on the "Bonus Tracks".