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Uriko's Combo Ring

The Combo Ring, also called Six-Level Combo Ring or Rokugo (from the japanese 六合鴻), is a mechanic that has appeared throughout the Bloody Roar series. It is a string of six striking moves that allows several possible variations between a starter and a finisher moves.

It was officially named in Bloody Roar 2 but was already present in Bloody Roar with Long being the only one able to use it.

Thus far, Long, Shenlong and Uriko are the only characters that have access to it.


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Diagram of the Combo Ring orientation

The Combo Ring is made up of six moves that can be performed after certain moves initiated by the character. Once initiated, any move in the Combo Ring can be used to start (however, certain moves can only lead to specific Combo Ring attacks).

However, only moves in a proceeding numerical sequence can be used after the other. For example, using a move with the designation of "6" can only be followed up by "1" or "5". Also, moves cannot be repeated. For example, if you start with "6", you can only end at "5" (6>1>2>3>4>5), or "1" (6>5>4>3>2>1).

Combo Rings aren't exclusive to a particular form, and can be used as Human or Beast forms. Unique to Long, however, he has his own Combo Ring (Tiger Six-Level Combo Ring) that can only be used when in Beast Form. This essentially gives him access to 2 different Combo Rings.

Each characters' Combo Rings have been given a specific name to differentiate from the rest:

  • Long's are called the Hawk Six-Level Combo Ring, and Tiger Six-Level Combo Ring
  • Shenlong's is called the Snake Six-Level Combo Ring
  • Uriko's is called Phoenix Six-Level Combo Ring


After any move in the Combo Ring is performed, there are unique attacks that can be initiated afterwards with special inputs. For example, one of Shenlong's finishers is the Circling Kick (performed with an input of "Down DirectionDown DirectionKick").

Unique to Long and Shenlong, they have finishers that are exclusive to their Beast Forms, as well as unique Six-Ring Finishers that can can only be used after the completion of the Combo Ring.