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BR4cronosICON Cronos Orma is a fictional character from the Bloody Roar series. He is the only fighter in the series to have two Beast forms: Penguin in normal Beast form and Phoenix in Hyper Beast. He first appears in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme where he is the final boss for most of characters in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme.


Cronos the Penguin/Phoenix
Cronos in Bloody Roar: Extreme
Full Name Cronos Orma
Known As Cronos
Cronos the Penguin
Cronos the Phoenix
Beast Form Penguin (Beast) / Phoenix (Hyper Beast)
Fighting Style Ballet
Nationality Kingdom of Zoanthropes
Age 19 (BR PF/EX)
Status Alive
Height 170cm (5'7)
Weight 59kg
Occupation Prince of the Kingdom of Zoanthropes
Relations King Orion - Father
Ganesha -Righthand Man/Bodyguard
Likes To play, secretly, with the people of his kingdom
Dislikes Psychological dependence on others
Debut Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
Japanese Voice Actors Tomohiro Tsuboi (BR:PF/BR:EX)
English Voice Actors Cam Clarke (BR:PF/BR:EX)

"Humans... Zoanthropes... In peace..."
— Cronos in Bloody Roar : Extreme

Cronos Orma is a fictional character from the Bloody Roar series. He appears as a main character in the games, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme. He is the prince of the Kingdom of Zoanthropes and their best brawler.

Cronos is the only fighter in the series to have two Beast forms: Penguin in normal Beast form and Phoenix in Hyper Beast.

He is the final boss for most of characters in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme.


Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme[]


Cronos waits for his challenger

Cronos has several unanswered questions about his father, such as the experiments that his father keeps performing on his people and how his mother died. He feels that joining the tournament will answer these questions. Cronos comes to learn the truth about the experiments going on behind the scenes. At first, he is horrified and try to stop them with his suicide, but his father is able to convince Cronos that they are for the good of his people.




Cronos is a kind young man, dedicated to bringing peace and prosperity to his people. Though he is rather naïve and often finds himself manipulated by his father appearing at times as an antagonist or villain, but only does so out of love and protection of his father. Because of his upbringing, he always acts professionally and maintains well-bred social behaviors. He has respect for the abilities of his opponents, albeit not always agreeing with their methods, and maintains a sense of honor and a code of ethics when battling them. He values friendship greatly, holding both individuals and their loyalty to him, close to his heart.


Also see: Cronos Outfits

With softer features and a size of 5'7, Cronos has the appearance of a slender young man. He has brown skin, short silvery-white wavy hair, and round turquoise eyes emphasizing uncertain or dubious origins. His attire consists of a gold and black vest and pants with armored elements like at the shoulders or the knees, giving his outfit a futuristic feel. He has white and green boots with what seem to be black swords attached on both sides.

His beast form is based on a Rockhopper Penguin. Transitions later to his hyper beast form, based on the phoenix.


King Orion[]



Ganesha assisted in the destruction of his village and gave the blame to, his prince, Cronos, already his rival since Cronos is considered the best fighter of the kingdom and the ultimate opponent for any fighter who wants to really succeed. It's not clear why Ganesha accused Cronos of the attack on his village and why he became subsequently his bodyguard but Ganesha has a plan and wants him to pay for his fault. In the end, it's Cronos who defeated Ganesha after the latter revealed his true self.



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Cronos is a strong rushdown character, though has the issue of a weak beast transform. As a penguin, he loses reach, speed and strength though do have the small advantage of being able to dodge some moves because of his stature. His more powerful phoenix form can be used to devastating effect, though this form can only last for less than fifteen seconds before the transformation breaks. In human form, Cronos has less stamina/defense and attack damage than normal which is somewhat offset by his quick speed and tricky mixups.

As a Hyperbeast, in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Cronos gains Rave and Transformation as his two Abilities Plus. Respectively, the ability to increase the speed of his attacks and his defensive ability but also to cancel any attack and the ability to have a unique Hyper Beast form. Cronos is the only fighter to have access to Transformation as an Ability Plus.

Beast Drives[]

In Penguin form:

  • Jamunaa Raasutaa- Cronos, whilst in his Penguin form, leaps towards the opponent. If it connects, he will slide across the ground while riding the opponent like a surfboard. Upon reaching the walls, Cronos will "surf" the opponent across the walls. Afterward, he will do a backflip off of the wall, and crash the opponent back into the center of the stage.
  • Diru Paanaa- Cronos reverts back to his human form, with yellow energy building up in his arm. He then places it on the opponent's chest and proceeds to drain their beast power. Afterward, he slowly lowers them to the ground. This move does not deal any damage.

In Phoenix form:

  • Jarunaa Raasutaa- Cronos lunges forward towards his opponent. If it connects, Cronos will fly forward while dragging the opponent across the floor. Upon reaching the walls, Cronos will fly around the stage walls while dragging his opponent, which is engulfed in flames. Afterward, Cronos flies high into the air with the opponent in his grasp, engulfs them in an explosion, and drops them back to the ground. After his Beast Drive, Cronos will be in his flying stance.
  • Diru Toorinaa- Cronos grabs onto his opponent, draining the beast energy from them. As he does so, energy from the absorption forms into a bomb in his other hand. He then lifts up his opponent and punches them, blasting through them with the gathered energy while simultaneously impaling them. Afterward, he throws them to the ground. The damage of this Beast Drive depends on how much beast power was drained from the opponent.
  • Kuun Rangunaa- Cronos' secret Beast Drive. He begins by spreading out his wings. During this, he also brings his arms in and lowers his head for a brief moment. He then quickly raises his head and spreads out his arms, creating a powerful blast of fire to knock the opponent away. The closer the opponent is to him, the more damage it does.

It is performed from a 360° rotation followed by Beast.

Official Artworks[]

Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme


  • Even though it is determined that Shina and Cronos have connected pasts, the games never reveal where exactly they both come from but we know that they both lost a common friend in a fire when Cronos was only 3 years old.
  • Cronos cannot face himself in arcade mode in Primal Fury/Extreme, so he'll face Uranus as the final opponent instead.
  • In April 2001, the Bloody Roar Official Japanese site launch a poll where fans were asked what Beast form they like to see [1]. Among the top ten result, number 4 was a Penguin. The poll can be assimilated to the origin of Cronos.
  • Kenji Fukuya shared following the poll, that he was worried about a Penguin fighter as they must decrease in size but mostly because they seemed to fit better to an underwater battle and they would have to think about how underwater battle would work [2]
  • Cronos would have been in Bloody Roar 4, but in addition to complications between his differing beast forms and the game's new interface, a brief interview gave a passing mention that he "wasn't dark enough" to fit into the game's theme.[3]
  • Cronos appears in the "7 Fighting Game Joke Characters Who Are WAY Stronger Than They Look" list by Outside Xbox videogame channel. [4]


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