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Type: Corporation
Industry: video games, character design, mobile contents

March 15, 1993


Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Product: Video game software

Eighting Co., Ltd. (also called 8ing/Raizing, Eighting/Raizing, Raizing, Eighting, or 8ing) is a Japanese video game company mainly known for its shoot 'em ups and its licensed fighting games.



Raizing logo

Raizing was formed primarily from staff of the arcade developer Toaplan after they closed their doors, as well as former employees of Puyo Puyo and MUSHA developer Compile including Yuichi Toyama (AKA "Healthy Toyama"). They were one of several, along with Cave, Takumi, and Gazelle, all of which were noted for their strong support of the shoot 'em up genre, and the "danmaku" (or "manic") subgenre in particular. Raizing continued to use arcade hardware based on Toaplan's units for years after Toaplan shut its doors.

While separate entities, Raizing would develop games and Eighting would handle distribution and sales. In October 2000, the Raizing division was incorporated into Eighting. The company since then concentrated its video game business to home consoles.

Bloody Roar[]

Raizing was the creator and the developer of the first Bloody Roar, then called Beastorizer, and released it on Arcade in July 1997. The company worked, then, with Hudson Soft. to adapt and release the game on Playstation the same year. Since then, Hudson worked with Raizing on all installments as co-developers.

After the incorporation of Raizing into Eighting, the company still have the rights on the Bloody Roar franchise and worked on Bloody Roar 3 , Bloody Roar: Primal Fury and, finally, Bloody Roar 4. Bloody Roar 3 was the first game released under the name of Eighting by the video game company.

In the hopes of a new installment, Eighting would have to work with Konami, unfortunatelly their last project together, the fighting game Castlevania: Judgement (2008), was a financial[1] and critical[2] failure. Since then, Eighting works mostly with Namco and Capcom.

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