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Manual Evade

The Bloody Roar series has a particular Evade System, or escaping, mechanic that evolves through the series installments.

An Evade is when your fighter made a move to escape the opponent's attack (instead of blocking it). Most of the time, it requires good timing from the player as the mechanic must be used as the same time as when the opponent's attack would hit the fighter.

In Bloody Roar 4, three types of Evade mechanics appear re-using mechanics from the previous games:

  • Fast Evade
  • Block Evade
  • Counter Evade


Block Evade[]

Evade BR2

The Block Evade, or Guard Escape, appears in Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar 2 and Bloody Roar 4

As your fighter is in Light Guard, when the opponent starts an attack, if you move up or down at the right time, the fighter will instead of moving forward do a side-step away from the attack.

This maneuver is vulnerable to Guard Break attacks.

In Bloody Roar 2, the Evade mechanics is mostly the same but this time the player has to move forwards the opponent (instead of move up or down) to do the Escape guard and a Blue Spark will appear to help the player to know when it's the right time to use the Guard Escape.

Fast Evade[]

Evade BRX

The Fast Evade appears in Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme and Bloody Roar 4

The player can execute an evasive move by pressing the Guard button just before getting hit by the opponent's attack (The attack must already be in motion). The fighter can evade any moves except Throws.

The Evade is impossible if the fighter is blocking or in a block or hit stun.

Counter Evade[]

BR4 Evade

The Counter Evade appears in Bloody Roar 4

By holding the Evade button, the fighters go into an evade stance that will make them automatically escape any attack from the opponent but the stance will keep them to do any other moves. When releasing the Evade button, the fighters will do a quick counterattack before going back to their neutral state.


In Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme, side-stepping can be used as an evasive move. This mechanic is only available in the PAL and American versions of the game and on GameCube, it was removed for the latter version including the X-box port and the Japanese release.

Bloody Roar 4[]

Bloody Roar 4 has the particularity to bring back all three types of Evade mechanics and to give to each fighter one of the three types:

Career Mode Abilities[]

By playing the Career Mode with a fighter you can unlock new Evade Abilities giving new Evade Advantages.

  • Fast Evade: The Fighter will have the Fast Evade as type of evade
  • Block Evade: The Fighter will have the Block Evade as type of evade
  • Counter Evade: The Fighter will have the Counter Evade as type of evade