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BR4gadoICON Alan Gado is a character in the Bloody Roar series. His beast form is the Lion. He first appeared in the first Bloody Roar. In Bloody Roar 2, he is the final boss for most of the characters.


Gado the Lion
Gado in Bloody Roar: Extreme
Full Name Alan Gado
Known As Gado
Beast Form Lion
Age 43 (BR)
48 (BR2)
49 (BR PF/EX)
50 ( BR4)
Status Alive
Height 191cm (6'3) / 198cm (6'6) in beast form
Weight 105kg / 105kg in beast form
Occupation Former Mercenary, Commissioner of the United Nations
Relations Shina - Adopted Daughter
Yugo - Ally/Family Friend
Yuji Ogami - Ally/Family Friend
Jenny - Ally/Love Interest
Likes Brandy
Dislikes Neckties
Debut Bloody Roar
Japanese Voice Actors Barry Gjerde (BR)
Monty DiPietro (BR2)
Chris Wells (BR3, BR:PF/EX)
Akio Ōtsuka (BR4)
English Voice Actors Barry Gjerde (BR)
Monty DiPietro (BR2)
Bill Rogers (BR2ReDub)
Chris Wells (BR3)
Paul Eiding (BR:PF/EX)
Murray Johnson (BR4)

"But remember, too, that the courage to overcome fear and conquer the unknown has been the driving force behind all human progress. Remember that prejudiced societies which exclude those who are different have produced only pain and sorrow..."
— Gado in Bloody Roar 3

Alan Gado (アラン・ガドウ) is a character in the Bloody Roar series. His beast form is the Lion and he's currently working as commissioner of the United Nations working for the peace between humans and zoanthropes.

He first appeared in the first Bloody Roar.

In Bloody Roar 2 , he is the final boss for most of the characters.


Bloody Roar[]

Gado is a legendary mercenary, renowned for his great achievements in battle. When his war comrade, Yuji, disappears, he soon finds that the trail leads to the multinational company, Tylon. When he comes to learn of the evil behind the corporation, he sets out to avenge all those killed to satisfy the company's intrigue. His revenge ends when Gado blows up Tylon's headquarters. Though detained for the crime, the evidence against the corporation allows him to walk free. He remembers his friend dearly and promises to keep on fighting as he once again heads for the battlefield.

Before Bloody Roar 2[]

We learn that Gado adopted years ago a little orphan of war, Shina which he met in a church. Despite having the reputation to be a difficult child, Shina showed a lot of affection towards Gado which convinced him to adopt her. Following her foster daughter's wish, but not without fear towards her, he trained as a soldier so she can follow him on the battlefield. When he tried to talk her into leading an ordinary life. Shina wouldn't listen and as soon as she graduated high school, she became independent and her own mercenary.

Bloody Roar 2[]

2 Days of the Old Lion

Gado helped to end Tylon's evil schemes, though, at the same time, the world came to learn of the existence of the Zoanthropes. Fearing their extraordinary abilities, humans began to discriminate against the Zoanthropes, which caused intense fighting. Saddened by the situation, Gado set out to find the perfect candidate to become a leader who could bring peace between the two races.

Meanwhile, the Zoanthrope Liberation Front appears as a terrorist group, despite their claim to support the Zoanthrope population. Gado, who disappears following the news, is rumored to lead the group but he was instead chasing them to stop them. Finally, with the help of his foster daughter, who at first also thought he was behind ZLF and must be stopped, Gado succeed against the ZLF organization.

After the end of the Zoanthrope Liberation Front, Gado was set to attend an International Conference on Human Rights convened to discuss the "Zoanthrope Issue". The debate is expected to be heated with the recent terrorist activities. In front of a podium, Gado addressed his listening audience - his compatriots, Zoanthropes, and humans alike. He told everyone to abandon their hatred and to understand that Zoanthropes were only people who had discovered new abilities, though they were still human also. He believed that this conference should encourage everyone to unite together to create an "era without bloodshed".

Bloody Roar 3[]

Commissioner Gado is a well-respected dignitary in the United Nations. His mission is to bring reconciliation between humans and Zoanthropes. Even though a Zoanthrope himself, he has become internationally respected for his inspiring words and past deeds as a mercenary on the battlefield. Greatly determined, he has accomplished many good results during international negotiations, though recently his battles to find a solution to the 'XGC' problem has been strenuously inconclusive. To make things worse, the 'XGC' mark had appeared on his own body. He knew that with this condition, he only had a short time left to live, and he wanted to make sure that he could leave something behind to be passed on to the next generation of humans and Zoanthropes. There was no choice now but to lead the battle against fate. Devoting himself to the future cause, he leaves his dignified status and steps into the battlefield once again. His mission confronts him to the power of the Tabula, the source of the XCG problem. Its energy is tremendously evil and he is forced to battle viciously against it to resist its strong will. After, the tabula is taken away for study, though Gado believes that it may not be over. That there may be more of these things out there waiting to be unearthed.

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme[]

Gado finds Jenny in his home, enjoying an expensive bottle of brandy on ice. He doesn't expect anything less of her. She remarks he has aged, to which he sprays out his own glass of brandy. He is surprised by her comment, though she says that there is nothing to it, looking away sullenly. This is uncharacteristic of her and he takes note of this change in attitude. She mentions that she heard he's been in charge of tactical operations this time. He confirms this, saying it will be his last operation. He is looking forward to meeting old friends. Jenny abruptly tells him that she won't let him interfere in her business anymore and that the research facility is hers. After which, she storms out of the room. He can't believe how she is acting, though knows that his goal is still to complete his job successfully.

Both of them find themselves again in the Zoanthrope Kingdom but with two very different goals. Jenny is here to find the research facility but Gado is invited to a peace conference. He signs papers alongside King Orion, who tells him that he should understand that even for the good he does, many will still fear his powers. For their public support at the conference, they both raise their hands as a sign of unity in the fight for peace. Behind one of the pillars, a man evilly smiles before sneaking away. Bad things may be yet to come...

Bloody Roar 4[]

The world has been consumed by Zoanthrope violence. Gado pitches his time and effort into his work at the U.N., and he is left frustrated at not being able to get involved directly in the incidents. Just then, he received news that his beloved daughter, Shina, has gone missing. Unable to sit back and do nothing, Gado throws himself into battle to find her whereabouts. Shina is nowhere to be found but Gado learns about a deeper problem as he met the dragon, a powerful entity that seems to be linked to the recent incidents. As he fought him and knocked out the dragon, Mana, a young shrine girl who accompanied the dragon comes to him with explications. Mana tells Gado that with the resealing of the dragon complete, then the violence and coma should stop. Gado still can't believe he faced such a creature. Aside, he asks what the deal is with the seal. Mana apologizes about before and tells him everything - about Ryoho being a dragon vessel and his powers being sealed because of how dangerous it is for him to exist, though recently the seal had come loose. For the seal to be resealed she needed to remove it completely first and that she needed the strength has strong Zoanthropes such as him to complete the task. Mana apologizes with a bow for getting him involved in such a dangerous incident. Gado understands the situation and admits he is glad everything worked out well. Mana mentions that she feels the same energy from him that she felt from the girl who went out of control. Gado realizes who she is talking about and confirms that she is his daughter, even though they aren't related by blood. He comments aside that the dragon left an intense fire when it swooped down before. Mana seems uneasy by this, though he explains that he doesn't think that was what made Shina lose consciousness. She comments that Gado and Shina have the same energy connection without blood is proof that she really does love him. Clearly embarrassed, he brushes the comment off and says that Shina is probably still unconscious and that he'll have to carry her out. Giggling, Mana points out that he loves her as well. Gado smiles to himself, admitting that he wouldn't say it directly to her...




Though he appears menacing, Gado is a kind-hearted man with great patience. He is respectful to other people and makes friends easily. He is a man whose words can bring joy and understanding to others, and he sets out to inspire others with the confidence to build a world that he doesn't think he can. He has strong determination and a great sense of justice and likes to be on the front lines when it comes to dealing with problems threatening peace. As shown in his mercenary days, he has proven to be a courageous soldier and a legend on the battlefield.


Also see: Gado Outfits

Gado is a tall, muscular Caucasian man in his late forties with a chiseled and masculine facial structure, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beard which is styled into muttonchops that frame his face, which combined with his long, spiky hair, resembles a lion's mane. He has a single scar over his left eye and three claw marks on both his shoulders. Depending on the game, his skin tone ranges from peach to tan. Most of his outfits reflect his former mercenary lifestyle, with military fatigues being present in most games. His outfit in Bloody Roar 3 is a biker-based getup and is the only game where he is seen wearing aviator sunglasses mid-fight.

His lion form usually has tawny fur with a mane that varies from a reddish to a dark brown color. In addition, he seems to regain his left eyeball as a lion, albeit glazed over as if he lacks sight in it. His beast form takes many cues from the African Lion.



Br2 art ill 033

A young Shina following Gado on the battlefield

Shina was adopted by Gado when she was an orphan of war. Despite being a turbulent child in her orphanage, she showed affection to Gado at their first encounter which bring Gado's decision to become his tutor. Despite Gado wanting a quiet life for her, Shina rapidly took the example of her adoptive father's mercenary life and started to train herself until she become a courageous and legendary mercenary as well. There's a real father-daughter relation between Gado and Shina even if both of them are not blood-related. However, when Shina became an adult, Gado left her without explications. She started to accuse him to participate in shady operations for the ZLF. When they finally met, the reunion started with a violent fight but Gado succeeded to prove that he was, in fact, on a mission against the ZLF. Since then, Shina and Gado share an emotional coldness despite caring deeply for each other. 


Jenny and Gado are old acquaintances with an on-and-off relationship. They share respect and care for each other but also confront each other with their two very opposite ambitions. Jenny wants a luxurious lifestyle and by doing so she works mainly for the money whatever how amoral her mission could be, Gado on the other side wants to defend Zoanthropes'rights, everything he does turn around this goal. This conflict appeared during Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, when they both had the same goal (investigating King Orion's labs) but with very different endgames leading them against each other.

There is a romantic subtext in their relationship. Without being explicit, Gado frequently spends time with Jenny, at her place or on the street. Together, they are honest with each other. At the end of Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Gado saves Jenny, despite their earlier fight, nearly killing himself doing so. We later see Jenny taking care of an injured Gado.


On his path to the truth about his father, Yuji, Yugo met Gado, a friend, and brother-in-arms of his father during the war who took Yuji's life. Gado joins Yugo in his investigation against Tylon, the corporation behind Yuji's death. They break through Tylothe n building and learn, Yuji was abducted for an experiment before being shot down. During the ZLF event, Yugo meet Shina, Gado's daughter, who is persuaded that her father is the leader behind the terrorist company, Yugo eventually don't believe her and when Gado comes to him, the latter convinces Yugo to create a new group that would support the peace between humans and Zoanthropes, Gado thinking he is too old for ensure a new Zoanthropes generation.

Yuji Ogami[]

Yuji was Gado's best friend and longtime mercenary buddy. They have fought and seen many wars and spent plenty of time together. When Yuji died, Gado was distraught and blew up the Tylon corporation's HQ building with assistance from Yuji's son, Yugo. In his first ending, he goes into the battlefield once more and says that he will laugh and celebrate together with Yuji in heaven.

World of Co-Existence (W.O.C.)[]

Gado had convinced Yugo to be the leader of this organization, believing him to have the strength and drive to run it as well as being capable of reconciling the relationship between humans and zoanthropes.


See also: Gado's Command Lists

He is strong, though has average speed. Most of his strikes reach high and mid-levels, and can usually KO a character quickly if defensive tactics are not used.

As a Hyper Beast, in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury and beyond, Gado gains Any Cancel A and All Block Break as his two Abilities Plus. Respectively, the ability to cancel any of his normal attacks (with no more than one direction input) and the ability to break any Light Guard. Gado is the only fighter to have access to All Block Break as an Ability Plus.

Beast Drives[]

  • G-Cannon- When in Lion form, he punches the opponent with a powerful uppercut and launches him/her into the sky. Shortly afterward, Gado, now in human form, builds up energy in his fist. As the opponent falls down, Gado unleashes a full-powered backhanded punch which blasts the opponent against the wall with incredible force.
  • G-Bomb- Gado reaches towards his opponent. If successful, he will proceed to grab them by their face and lift them up. As they are being held, energy builds up in Gado's hand (the one he uses to lift the opponent). The energy then explodes in the opponent's face, which also causes Gado to revert back to Human form. Afterward, Gado slams the opponent to the ground.

Official Artworks[]

Bloody Roar
Bloody Roar 2
Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme
Bloody Roar 4


"Mission accomplished!"
— Victory quote (Bloody Roar)
""Come back when you're ready!""
— Bloody Roar 2 & 3


Cry of the Legend Bloody Roar
While You Still Can Bloody Roar 2


  • In the first Bloody Roar, Gado's in-game model is shown to have both his eyes instead of having one scarred eye.
  • Gado's story in Bloody Roar 2 is the only one to be happened as the aftermath of the story end, leaving the story on Gado's journey after the incident is over.
  • Gado's ending, in Bloody Roar Extreme (NA version), King Orion says two times in a row "Peace for humans and zoanthropes will now be your job to insure" instead of continuing with "You must remember, humans are not evil, they're just afraid of your power. Tread with care, Gado."
  • The identity of the mysterious man who hides behind the pillar in Bloody Roar Extreme Gado's ending has never been revealed.
  • Gado appears in Bloody Roar 2 as a secret character. To unlock him, one must simply complete Arcade Mode on any difficulty.
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