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Bloody Roar 4 Gaia Seal

The Seal of Gaia seen through Mana's Beast Drive.

Gaia is the life form that is the entire earth. She is presented as a self-balancing nature and the force behind the natural selection. She represents all living and existing things in opposition to The Unborn, her nemesis, which she created herself to be everything that doesn't exist or are not existing yet.

Despite only being referenced in the games, she gets a bigger role in the series story in Bloody Roar 4 where the story revolves around Mana, a Gaia shrine maiden, who protects Ryoho the Dragon, the beacon of Gaia's power.

Gaia doesn't seem to have a physical form as she has yet to make an appearance in the series. She mostly presents through her seal, a mix of blue circles and red or yellow letter-inspired symbols, which appears frequently in Bloody Roar 4.


She is the origin of the Zoanthrope as she helped the humanity to overcome her physical weakness by incorporating in their gene a "trigger". Once activated, the trigger awakes traits and capacities of other animal races buried in the human being giving them a strength and agility surpassing the typical individual and an intermediary physical form between the human and an animal.

The Bloody Roar mythology stipulates, then, that with the trigger being discovered and forced by humans, Gaia chose to regulate the genetic evolution of humanity by activating the trigger in various men and women, resulting in the appearance of Zoanthropes all around the world.

Gaia cult[]


Gaia Hidden Temple

In Bloody Roar 4, the cult around Gaia is practiced in secret in a hidden temple under Tokyo. The cult supports both the Buddhist and Shinto religions together, it had managed to escape the Meiji Restoration law that separated Buddhist and Shinto religious activities.

The cult has the goal to protect Gaia and her creation using the Seal of Gaia. Mana, for example, can summon the Seal of Gaia when performing a spell like during her Beast Drives.

The Dragon Vessel[]

Bloody Roar 4 Unborn Seal

The Unborn hold by the Seal of Gaia

During the Bloody Roar 4 event, Xion and a possessed Nagi are looking for the beacon of Gaia's power which is protected by the Gaia cult.

The beacon of Gaia's power, and her ultimate weapon, is the dragon's vessel, Ryoho. During the XGC event during Bloody Roar 3 and the close release of the Unborn on Earth, Gaia's order was shaken resulting in Ryoho unable to control his dragon form emanating strong and dangerous powers.

At the end, Mana helped Ryoho to overcome his beast form after an inner battle and used the Seal of Gaia on The Unborn destroying him and releasing Nagi and Xion from his influence.


Bloody Roar 4 Logo
  • The Seal of Gaia is frequently used through the Bloody Roar 4 design. It can be seen in the loading screen, the character select screen or the Career mode.
  • The Seal of Gaia has its own alphabet represented by the symbol among the seal. The Bloody Roar 4 official logo uses this alphabet to write "BR4"