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The Phoenix is a Beast Form only available through Hyper Beast.

The Hyper Beast Form was introduced in Bloody Roar 3. Replacing the Rave System, it is a powerful and temporary form.

Once in Hyper Beast Form, the fighters turn into, most of the time, their Beast Form but with light effects surrounding them. They have unlimited Beast Drives as using them won't turn the fighters back to human form when finished. The fighters also do more damage and have faster recoveries.

Each game has different ways to enter into Hyper Beast Form.


Bloody Roar 3[]

In Bloody Roar 3 , the player can activate Hyper Beast by pressing the Beast Button when the Beast Gauge is fully charged (double the amount than for regular Beast Form). Fighters can only transform into their Hyper Beast Form one time during the fight set even as the Beast Gauge completly disappears once the form used.

The Hyper Beast Form is limited in time. Once transformed, the player's Beast meter disappears and a timer takes its place. When the timer runs out, the fighter returns to their human form. The duration time for the Hyper Beast Form is always 12 seconds.

Some fighters attain an alternative form while in Hyper Beast, like Busuzima who turns invisible, or Uranus who remains in her Human Form.

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury[]

In Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Hyper Beast works the same way it did in the previous title, however the player must use a separate "Hyper" input.

New bonuses are offered to whoever is in Hyper Beast Form as they can gain two Ability Plus, some bonus attack power, increased defense, counter mechanics and/or transformation.

Health will be subtracted from the player depending on how high their Beast Gauge is when they enter Hyper Beast.

Bloody Roar 4[]

The Hyper Beast system is changed in Bloody Roar 4. as it can be attained by expending the character's remaining health completely with the Charge Power.

The Hyper Beast Form is not limited in time, but will cost the player their Human Form until the end of the round.

Unique Forms[]

Some fighters have an unique form, different to their Beast Form when they transform into Hyper Beast.

In Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Cronos has the particularity to have his "Hyper" form completely different from his normal beast, the penguin, as in Hyper Beast Form he becomes a Phoenix with increased attack, new combos and better range.

Ryoho Hyper

Ryoho keeping his human form in Hyper Beast

Also Uranus the Chimera and Ryoho the Dragon keep their human form when they transform themselves into Hyper Beast but still have the light effects around them and the Beast Beast attacks. Uranus also has the particularity to change her mannerism when in Hyper Beast, her posture and movements become the same as when she is in her regular Beast Form, the Chimera.




  • In Bloody Roar 3, if you pause the game when one of the fighters is in Hyper Beast Form he will still flash even if the game is on hold.