Bloody Roar Wiki

The following is a catalog of alternative outfits available for Jenny in the Bloody Roar franchise

Bloody Roar 2[]

Image Description Obtained
Cuadro 2

The orginal outfit of Jenny. Jenny's hair is in the orginal color - yellow. A red short skirt with two lines of buttons reveals her breast and her legs.She wears black high boots

Validate Jenny in the Character Select with Square
Circulo 2

An alternative version of the original outfit. Jenny's hair now turns into a red color. Her tight skirt is covered by black,Her high boots are replaced with high heels

Validate Jenny in the Character Select with X
X 2

This is maybe the least revealing outfit of Jenny in the entire serie. Jenny's hair is pink .The skirt is covered in dark blue and still reveal her breast.The legs are covered by dark pants. Her high boots are grey

Validate Jenny in the Character Select with Circle
Start 2

Another alternative version of the original outfit.The changes are still in the color, which the skirt is metallic yellow, Jenny's hair is brown and she wears another kind of high heels

Clear Arcade mode with Jenny

Validate Jenny in the Character Select with Start

Bloody Roar 3[]

Image Description Obtained

A pink dress similar to the traditional Cheongsam dress of China.The upper of the dress is cut out to reveal the sides of Jenny's breast.The dress is also designed to be backless, shows the back of Jenny.The bottom of the dress is the most revealing part, which cuts the full length of the dress, reveal her thighs. Jenny's hair keeps the blonde color and she wears pink high heels


A red short skirts reveals Jenny's legs. She wears red long socks which reduces the reveal.The hair is still blonde but the high heels are in a different color ( black) and model


An outfit similar with the second one except for the grey hair and the purple - blue color of the skirt

Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme & Bloody Roar 4[]

Image Description Obtained

The outfit contains a short and revealing skirt, leg protectors, high boots and sleeve - like accessories on the arm


An outfit taken right from the original outfit of Bloody Roar 2


A skirt similar to the original outfit from Bloody Roar 2 but has some major changes.The skirt color is white and it is cut out deeper to the midriff, reveals a glipmse of Jenny's abs.The thigh is wrapped by a black circle and the leg wear covers almost full her thighs

Only in Bloody Roar 4