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King Orion

King Orion is a fictional character from the Bloody Roar series. He only appears in Bloody Roar: Extreme.

King Orion reigns with his son, the Prince Cronos, on the Kingdom of Zoanthropes. As the royal leader of his kingdom, he uses his power and resources to create a peaceful world between humans and Zoanthropes.


In the Bloody Roar: Extreme event, he launched a big Tournament between the best Zoanthrope fighters, mostly to show the strength of his son. At the end of the tournament, he gave to Gado, following an official treaty, the responsibility to protect the Zoanthropes and to contribute to the peace between them, his kingdom, and the humans.

King Orion, despite his good intention and actions, seems to have a more dishonest side. He keeps in secret some experiments. If we don't know enough about these, they seem controversial enough for Cronos to be strongly opposed to it to the point to sacrifice his own life to stop them. Also, during the treaty with Gado, we can see a man smiling vilely in the shadow, maybe in relation to the King.

He is unconfirmed but strongly suggested, by his son and the very nature of his kingdom, that King Orion is a Zoanthrope. There is no clue about what his beast form is.



  • In the Japanese version, King Orion is simply called King (国王). The term "Orion" never shows up.