Kohryu the Iron Mole



Kohryu in Bloody Roar: Extreme
Full Name Development No. β-0389
Known As Kohryu
Beast Form Iron Mole
Fighting Style Ninjutsu
Nationality None
Age 26 Days off the Production Line
Status Active
Height 1550mm
Weight 0.1082t
Occupation Independent Arms Robot (A Trial Product)
Relations Bakuryu- Original Host
Kenji- Rival
Likes Information Unavailable
Dislikes Information Unavailable
Debut Bloody Roar 3
English Voice Actors Takeshi Aono (BR3, BR:PF/EX)
Greg Irwin (BR4)


"Just a Kid !."
— Kohryu in Bloody Roar 4

Kohryu (紅竜/コウリュウ; Kouryuu) is a fictional character from the Bloody Roar series. He appears as a secret character, unlockable in Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Extreme and Bloody Roar 4.


Bloody Roar 3

The predecessor was the assassin named Bakuryu. His real name was Ryūzō Katō (加東竜三 Katō Ryūzō?). He worked for the corporation Tylon, where he underwent many experiments to reinforce his body. But these repeated procedures eventually overcame his body and he decomposed. The liquefied tissue that was left was saved after his death. The 'YUN CHI Manufacturing, INC.', once a department of Tylon though is still active even after the fall of their main office. 'YUN CHI' manages to produce a battle robot called the 'Iron Mole', which they produce on a trial basis with the original Bakuryu's battle data and his liquefied remains that retains his physical strength. But they lose control of the robot during a trial run and starts to attack any Zoanthrope in its path, as if there are some underlining intentions.



Kohryu doesn't really have a personality. He is a cold, relentless machine that has an unknown vendetta against Zoanthropes, particularly that of the second Bakuryu (also known as Kenji).


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Kohryu is but a flawed copy of what was once known as Bakuryu. Though Kohryu is not the same being as what he was developed from, he still has the same memories and fighting abilities as his original host.


Based on what happened to Kohryu's original host, Kohryu appears to have vengeful and aggressive tenancies towards Kenji (as evidenced by their encounter in the fourth game). He want's nothing more than to make Kenji pay for betraying his former master and for getting him killed as a result.


Kohryu is related to Bakuryu and Kenji has he shares lot of similar moves and abilities. Despite the ressemblance, Kohryu can be more attractive than Bakuryu in terms of gameplay. He has more health than Bakuryu and his heavier weight (in Human and Beast form) can be an advatange depending on the strategy. Kohryu's Spiral Kick (Qby ButtonKick Button) which is a variations of the Bakuryu's Smoke Spiral Kick is a little more useful as, if positioned correctly, Kohryu's move can cross up the opponent. Kohryu has also one of the better range for throw attacks in the series. 

Ability Plus

  • Super Armor
  • Any Cancel A

Beast Drive

  • Festival of Darkness - Kohryu sways back & ducks low before sliding forward to attack. When the hit lands, the opponents will be prisoner of a futuristic machine. Kohryu will, then, retake his human form, slide behind its opponent before splitting into two images of himself and attack with powerful combo. The image that appears in front of the Kohryu's foe is where Kohryu will reappear after the ending of the Beast Drive. Finishing the Beast Drive, Kohryu can quickly follow up with any attack that strikes mid or low. Appears in Bloody Roar 3 onwards.
  • Underground Missile Barrage - Kohryu digs himself into the ground and reemerges near of the opponent with a low range attack projecting him into the air. As the foes is in the air, Kohryu launches plenty of missiles on him finishing his Beast Drive with a last and bigger projectile which is, in fact, the Kohryu's armor drill. If the first move is blocked or if the opponent is jumping, as the Beast Drive only strikes opponents vulnerable to low attack, Kohryu will be vulnerable to any attack. Appears in Bloody Roar 3 onwards.

Official Artworks

Bloody Roar 3
Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme


  • Strangely, whenever Kohryu takes damage, human blood is drawn, despite him being a robot.
  • Even though he doesn't have an ending in any of the games he is present in, Kohryu does have a special opening before he fights Kenji.
  • Kohryu remained as an unlockable character since his first appearance in Bloody Roar 3
  • Kohryu is the most recent character to use the "Bakuryu" Ninjutsu fighting style, the others being Ryuzo and Kenji
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