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The Laboratory is a fighting arena that appears in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury.

It is available in two versions, "Evil" and "Chaos" and it's generally the final stage of arcade mode. There are referred to as Stage 9 and Stage 10 respectively.

Evil Laboratory represents as well the final stage against Cronos in the Arcade Mode for most of the fighters.

The Chaos version also appears as a secret stage against where the player will fight Uranus.


Evil Laboratory[]

The battleground itself is a hexagonal platform surrounded by glass walls and elevated from a submerged surface. There are two gigantic figures moving in glass tanks in the background.

The environment is highly metallic with several glowing arches and lighting effects. A giant, hulking sculpture rests on the other side of the arena. There is also a metallic bridge that connects to a translucent filtration system.


The Evil Laboratory seems to be the place where King Orion practices his experiments on Cronos and other Zoanthropes.

Chaos Laboratory[]

There is no obvious change between the Chaos Laboratory variant despite the dim blue glow being replaced with a heavily saturated orange glow.


Stage Theme[]

Evil Laboratory Evil Laboratory version
Chaos Laboratory Chaos Laboratory version