Bloody Roar Wiki

The Rave system, or Beast Rave, first and only appears in the first Bloody Roar. It's a powerful and temporary form that can be obtained after the player transforms himself into his Beast Form.

Due to the similarities, the Rave mechanic is likely the precursor to the Hyper Beast Form mechanic.


By pressing the Rave Button ( PSTriangle by default), when a player is in Beast Form, he can enter into his Beast Rave Form. The character will, then, be flashing with yellow light and thunders during the remaining time of the transformation.

In Rave, the fighter sees a general speedup and most of his attacks recovery will be greatly reduced giving him the opportunity to link more easily his attack and strings.

This transformation is limited in time, as, once the Rave activated, the Beast meter will slowly decreased. When the beast gauge is empty the Rave is cancelled and the fighter come back to his human form.