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The following are the command lists for Reiji in the Bloody Roar franchise.

Bloody Roar 4[]

Move Command Damage Effect
Dark Driver Jump DirectionPunch,Punch,Punch
Punishing Knee Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick,Down DirectionKick
Triple Heel Front and Down DirectionKick,Kick
Dance of Punishment Back DirectionKick,Kick
Lead Feet Jump DirectionKick,Down DirectionKick
Lightning Slam Qfy ButtonPunch
Double Elbow Qby ButtonPunch,Punch
Lift Slam Qby ButtonPunch,Front DirectionPunch
Double Whirl Kick Qfy ButtonKick
Lightning Blast Qby ButtonKick,Punch
Beast Mode
Flaming Uppercut Punch,Punch,Beast,Beast,Beast,Punch
Grasping Prey Front DirectionPunch,Beast,Beast,Beast
Slicing Rain Kick,Kick,Kick,Beast
Lunar Assault Back DirectionBeast,Beast
Divine Feast Front DirectionBeast,Beast,Beast,Beast while airborne
Divine Punishment Front DirectionBeast,Beast,Beast while airborne
Double Slash Qfy ButtonBeast,Beast
Screwdriver Qby ButtonBeast
New Combos in Career Mode
Move Command Damage Effect
New Combo 1
Beast Drives
Move Command Damage Effect
Funeral Rites Qfy ButtonQfy ButtonBeast
Raven Rage Qby ButtonQby ButtonBeast

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