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The Shibuya Beast Battle (渋谷獣化決戦), also called Bloody Roar Extreme Tournament, was an event which took place on April 27th, 2002 in the Q-Front in Shibuya, Tokyo.

It was a Bloody Roar: Extreme fighting tournament where the winner would receive limited Bloody Roar goods.

The semi-finals and final were commentated by Yuka Kato, member of the Japanese idol girl group NMB48.

The winner of the tournament was Foo (ふ~). During the final, he played Alice against the opponent's Ganesha.


No prior application was mandatory as players just had to be present to the event on April 27th.

All the fighters from Bloody Roar: Extreme could be used with the exception of the hidden fighters (Uranus and Kohryu).

Each participants battled each other in four different blocks (A to D), during the semi-final, the winners of each block fight each others. Then the winners of the semi-finals fight during the final to determined the big winner of the tournament, "The Beast King".


The winner received a Bloody Roar: Extreme special mobile card and both, him and the runner-up, would receive an original pouch.

All the participants, receive as a participation award Bloody Roar original badges.




  • Kenji Fukuya participated to the exhibition matches, using Ganesha. As he was able to study Ganesha during the development period of Bloody Roar: Extreme, he won the exhibition matches.
  • Bloody Roar: Extreme released on April 25th in Japan meaning that the tournament was held only two days after release, so most participants were unable to prepare for it.
  • The winner Foo was an admin of a Bloody Roar 3 strategy site
  • At the time Bloody Roar 3 still existed in arcades. Players who were used to playing the game in arcade cabinets were forced to play with pad, and were not able to show their abilities.