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The Tabula of a Thousand Beasts is described as a stone relic said to contain a disaster of terrible proportions, the Unborn. The power of the Tabula is sealed by the bearers of the Sign of the Beast preventing to bring chaos to the world and change its form.

During the events of Bloody Roar 3, Xion, under the influence of the Unborn, seeks to unleash the power of the Tabula by killing all the Zoanthropes who bear the sign starting with his own sister. As he comes closer to his goal, the Sign of the Beast appears on the bearers condemning them to a certain death if they don't stop the arrival of the Unborn.

Bloody-roar-3-artwork-ME0000088165 2

Yugo destroying the Tabula

In the end of Bloody Roar 3, Xion is finally stopped and the Tabula of the Thousand Beasts is destroyed by Yugo preventing the power of the Unborn to awake.


Tabula (tăbŭla) is a Latin word which means "tablet", the term, here, is making reference to the form of the Tabula of a Thousand Beast.