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The Temple is a location and fighting arena that appears in Bloody Roar 4 and referred as Stage 9 and Stage 10.

Temple represents as well the final stages against Ryoho in the Arcade Mode.


The Temple is located inside a a cave as shown by the rock face and the stalagmites. The interiors are made almost entirely of wood, while the presence of the gigantic Torii shows that it is a Japanese Shinto shrine. The altar features a huge Japanese dragon carving behind a clairvoyance table and a smaller stone carving of a dog.

The stage has two versions, in the second (stage 10) the temple is demolished, the head of the dragon is on the floor surrounded with fire.


The Temple is devoted to Gaia and her dragon. This place is inhabited by Mana and Ryoho who served Gaia and keep the dragon sealed.


Stage Theme[]

Temple - Versus Ryouhou Stage 9 version
Temple - Versus Dragon Stage 10 version