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The Bloody Roar (ブラッディロアBuraddi Roa) is a fighting video game.

The Bloody Roar is the sixth installment in the Bloody Roar video game series. As a reboot, he retells the story of the first two games along with major changes and new unique elements.

The game's story centers on a group of warriors known as "Zoanthropes", who have the power to transform themselves into a half-human half-animal "Beasts", and the Tylon Corporation, an evil organization that seeks to use Zoanthropes as mind-controlled weapons.

The Bloody Roar features several new gameplay mechanics, improved graphics as well as a more sensual yet realistic visual style than its predecessors.

Main modes

A playable mode where you follow the adventures of various characters. The story tells in three chapters how a group of Zoanthropes becomes the target of an ill-intentioned corporation, Tylon. A bonus act it's as well present.

Versus in offline modes:

  • VS Battle
  • Team Battle

A classic Arcade mode where the player chooses his fighter and fight a series of matches, each harder than the previous one. This mode has four levels of difficulty:

  • Easy: Eight matches the last one being against a predefined opponent.
  • Normal: Eight matches the last one being against a predefined opponent. There is also a bonus match against an unlockable character, if the player didn't have one game over.
  • Hard: Eight matches the last one being against a predefined opponent. There is also a bonus match against an unlockable character, if the player didn't have one game over.
  • Survival: An endless series of matches where you have to fight against each playable fighters until a predefined opponent, once this predefined opponent defeated, the row of matches starts over. The more matches you win and the less time you used will increased your final score.

This mode presents a story in an alternate universe where the player participates to the Orion Tournament to make his name in the International Zoanthropes Fighting Sports. The player will have to choose the fighter and go through 25 matches, each with their own rules and events, as well as 10 secret matches unlockable depending on the action of the player. The player can change his fighter whenever it wants.

Each matches won will unlock new abilities (Defensive/Offensive bonuses, new moves, moves from other fighter,...) or give you DNA points for buying abilities.

The new abilities bought can be added on one of your fighters who have limited number of Ability Slots.

The more the player go through the Tournament the more difficult the matches are, as the CPU opponents will not only gain in level difficulty but will also have bonus abilities on their own. The rules of the matches will also gain in difficulty as the fighter can loose his defensive commands, can have to fight against three opponents in a row or can have his Beast Form deactivated against an opponent in Hyper Beast Form.

Latter in the game, you can unlock the option to play with your Career fighters on other modes like Versus, Arcade or Practice.

  • Free Training: Practice your fighting skills with various displays: the inputs, the move's damage, the combo damage, the moves range (high/mid/low), the frame counts of a move, the possibility of the move being a tracking move. There is also other useful options: Command recording, multiple CPU mode settings and Instant replay
  • Tutorial: Learn, as you complete various tasks, all the terms and regular strategies from the game and, to a certain extent, from the Fighting Game genre.
  • Command Training: Learn and master the combos of a character.

  • Movies
  • Hall of Fame: A presentation of each fighters with their story, their complete statistics (Health, Power, Range, Speed, Mobility, Recovery, Weight, Height, High/Mid/Low Power, Throw/Counter Power, Beast Drive Power, ...), all their lines (as SFX sounds) and an animation presenting the fighter executing a routine from his personal martial art (a kata for example). To see a fighter presentation, you have to complete the Command Training with him.
  • Artworks
  • Personal Album: An album for your saved replays and screenshots

  • Game
    • Time Limit: 20sc/40sc/60sc/90sc/Infinite
    • Rounds: 1/2/3/4/5
    • Blood: off/on
    • Game speed: off/slow/high
    • One Form Only: Standard/Human Only/Beast Only/Hyper Only
    • Mode : Sudden Death (First to take damage loose)/ Sumo Wrestling (First to be Out of the Ring loose)/Gaia/Bloody Tackle Show
    • Walls: off/weak walls/final round/no walls
    • No Blocking: off/on
    • Kids Mode: off/big arms/big heads/kids
  • Controller
  • Sound
  • Savefiles

  • User's Profile
  • VS Battle
  • Team Battle
  • Winner-Stay
  • Tournament
  • Training


The fighting gameplay largely improves the style already begin by the "Primal Fury" installment.

The Bloody Roar is 7-buttons fighting game:

  • Punch
  • Kick
  • Beast
  • Guard (or Throw or Counter)
  • Directional Stick/Buttons
  • Side-step left/right (or Evasion)
  • HyperBeast

Your Life energy Indicator is separated in three colors:

  • Green is your life energy. If there's no green area, your characters collapse and you lost the battle.
  • Blue is your potential regeneration. In Beast mode, the blue is progressively fills up with green
  • Red area show you the damage taken by a hit.

The gauge will fully recovered in each round (except in Survival)

The overall fighting system is based on four offensive commands :

  • Punch / Kick: Basic attacks that are different while standing, jumping, running, crouching or near-lying and likewise change if certain directions are held or pressed in conjunction.
  • Beast attack: Basic attacks like Punch or Kick but only available while in Beast Mode. 
  • Throw: Forward direction + Guard Button quickly. A grappling move who must be performed within close range of the opponent. The attack differs if you hold the opponent on his side, his back, while he's grounding, jumping, laying or against a wall. You also have Command Throw, with a special button combination or in the end of a combo.

The overall fighting system is based on various defensive commands :

  • Light Guard: The high and middle guard is constantly activated unless you make an attack. The character do an evasive or blocking move in function of the opponent high or mid attack, most of the time, shoulder and arm movements. Press Down for blocking low attack.
  • Heavy Guard: It can block various attacks, even Guard Breaks attacks, but it comes at the cost begin more vulnerable to Projection or Astonishment effect. As the Light Guard, you have to press Down to blocking low attack.
  • Sidestep: There are two sidestep buttons (right/left), if you hold the evasion button the characters will start a side-stepping according to the direction you chose. If you push rapidly an Evasion button, the character will do a quick escape in the respective direction. While Ducking, your fighter will roll on the ground.
  • Counterattack: (High/Mid/Low) Back direction + Guard Button quickly. In a short delay, the characters could counterattack a regular attack from the opponent, the result is a armlock/leglock or judo like attack. Depending on the attack, the player will have to direct his countering move in the opposite direction (for example, for counter a high attack put: Low Back Direction + Guard Button)
  • Air/Ground Control: It allows the character to recover after being launched into the air (Air control) or knocked down (Ground control) to escape or, even, to use a landing or rising attack. In certain condition, this recovery move is unable, for example, when a character is knocked into a spiral falling animation.

  • Dashing: Pressing two times in forward or backward direction in quick succession will cause the fighter to run (forward direction) or to backdashing (backward direction). With a good timing, some characters can have a double backdashing.
  • Mockery: Sidestep Right + Sidestep Left. The character will make a mockery against his opponent, this move lightly reduces the opponent's beast gauge filling.
  • Ducking: Two times in the down direction. Ducking allows the fighter to evade high and middle attack and to access to specific offensive and defensive moves. While ducking, there is no low guard.
  • Guard Attack: A strong one-move offensive predates by a Heavy Guard, using to block an attack and instantaneously attack.
  • Facing Backwards: While facing away from your opponent (with your back turned towards them), the fighter has unique offensive moves while turned around. He has no guard and he is more vulnerable to damage and astonishment effect however he is still capable of dodging incoming attacks.
  • Canceling: With good timing, some combos or movements (like jumping) can be promptly canceling open up opportunities for new attacks.

Each characters are their own comboset which feature simplistic, short-timing combos and complex, long-timing combos. The latter being the most powerful. The critical combo, it's a complex short-timing combo, the last move will let you set a direction to blow your opponent away but it's easy to dodge or block for the opponent (apart from astonishment situation). Combos generally lead to Guard Break Attacks.

At the beginning of each stage, both players have a set amount of energy that is used to activate "Beast Mode", which causes the character to change into a Beast. Players may transform at any time as much as the "Beast Indicator", below the players' life energy indicators, isn't empty (the words "Best Change !" will appear). The player can activate Beast Mode by pressing a certain button.

In Beast mode, the "Beast Indicator" will decrease according to damage sustained by the character and does not recharge during the current round. If empty the fighter comes back as human when he is hit by an effective technique from the opponent.

In Hyper, an aura surrounded you, the fighter is more powerful than in beast form, he can perform beast drives without automatically comes back in Human mode, his health recovers faster and his recovery time drastically decreases.

In this form, the Beast Indicator is flashing and gradually fade away over time (20 seconds), once it's empty, the fighter is automatically back to a human form. To battle in Hyper-Beast Form, press the Hyper button any time.

If the beast gauge isn't full, the player will lose up to a large percentage of his health, depending on how much was filled in the beast gauge.

Some fighters have an alternate beast mode and it's the player's actions that will decide whether or not the fighter will play as the standard or alternate beast counterpart when he uses the beast mode.

The second beast mode is more difficult to obtain than the standard. For example, Shina has to make a certain percentage of counterattack to become the Black Panther instead of the Leopard when she transforms.

This form has mostly a similar moveset despite that the strength or the speed can drastically change. They have also an alternate version of the Beast Drives. If the player makes the right actions, he can use the alternative beast form when using the Beast or Hyper Beast mode except for Cronos which his alternative form can only be use in Hyper Beast mode.

Each characters possess a Beast Drive, his strongest attack, which you can use in Beast Mode only, is a type of powerful and violent (sometimes gorish) attack peculiar to the personality of the characters.

If the opponent doesn't collapse after a Beast Drive against him or if you miss the opponent, your character's Beast indicator will empty and the fighter will come back as a human in an astonishing situation. 

The Rave activates when a player is low on health (less than 5%), once activated, the player has his beast gauge complete, giving him a last chance to transform and to return the situation.

The Rave System also contributes, for certain fighters, to access to an Alternative Beast Form.

Like in other fighting games, the fights are based on a rock-paper-scissors like interruption system, in which Regular Attacks beat Throws, Throws beat Counterattacks, and Counterattacks beat Regular Attacks.

Another particularity, it's the astonishment strategy, the fighters can use different moves to astonishing their opponent, making them confuse and unable to move, less energy they have more the confusion lasts.

In an astonishing situation the opponent is vulnerable to a critical combo, if you can make the entire combo, you will use a final move throws the opponent with strength.

If a fighter receives too many hits in a row, the timing for a Counterattack is enlarged allowing a combo breaker. If you use the additional timing, the fighter doesn't counterattack but interrupts the combo and forces back the opponent.

In the same way, if the fighter is taken into a too long juggle combo, the time opportunity for an Air recovery move will also been enlarged allowing a possibility for the fighter to free himself from the juggle combo.

The game's characters are rendered in much more realistic visual style than in the previous titles in the series, including new details such as the fighters can bleed, can get bruises or getting sweaty also their clothes can get dirty or wet during the fights as well as they rip during the Beast Mode and stay this way the rest of the match.

The Bloody Roar features bigger stages with more interactivity than its predecessors. The duels take place in interactive and highly-destructive arenas, sometimes with hidden floors. When a characters fall out the zone, He can land in a new floor or lost for being out of the ring.

A new addition is the Death Trap, some arenas will show a, sometime, bloody cutscene when an opponent falls into a trap (out of the ring, destructive events, ...). If your opponent falls into a Death trap you win. In a less lethal way, the arenas can have danger zone (electric fencing, tree, ...) where the opponent takes remarkable damages if he hits it.

Some arenas have particularity to add new difficulties or opportunities as uneven ground, walls, obstacles (like furniture,...), participating crowd, optical illusions, ....

Team Battle matches involve each player selecting two fighters to fight with. Players are able to switch their fighters out at any time, allowing the inactive character to gradually recover some life they might have lost (faster if the character is in Beast Mode). If the on-screen fighter gets attacked a certain amount of time and the off-screen character's beast-bar will gradually fill up.

The second partner will automatically be in Human Mode except if you use him sooner in the fight and transformed him before trading the fighters (doesn't work for the Hyper Mode).

In Team Battle some affiliated characters have unique and specific Team moves together.

Tag throws are special moves which can only be performed in Team Battle Mode. Certain characters with affiliations - such as Gado and Shina - have special projection; these types of tag team moves generally do a great amount of damage (particularly in Beast mode) and can astonish the opponent. If the pair is not in a relationship of any sorts, the first partner will throw the opponent in the direction of the second person who then uses a counter-attack.

If the two are in Beast mode you can use a Tag Beast Drive, as the Tag throw, certain characters have a special move together and if the pair is not in affiliations the first partner will perform his Beast Drive on the opponent and the second will use an effective one-move attack.

Bloody Tackle Show is an unlockable versus mode inspired by the parody fighting game Divekick. The two opponents start a match in Beast form. The match is played using only two buttons, Jump and Tackle. Pressing Punch button causes your character to perform a vertical jump, with each character having different jump height. Using Beast Button in the air, the player can do a Tackle. Pressing Beast Button while standing performs a backward evasive hop for most characters (only way to move, evade, attack, and dodge).

A player loses the round after being hit only once, there's a Double KO when the two opponents manage to tackle each other in the same time. Performing a Tackle fills The "Beast Gaugue" when the meter is full, the character can use his Beast Drive activated by pressing both buttons at once.

The versus takes place in a strict 2D arena where the opponent are more distant from each other than other arenas, helping the particular gameplay.

Gaia is an unlockable versus mode allowing to play with an inspired version of Bloody Roar 4 Health and Beast Mechanic.

In Gaia mode, the Beast and Life gauges are intertwined, meaning that if the player turns into his Beast Form, all the damage he will take will be only taken on his Beast Gauge. Also, if the Life Gauge is completely depleted, the player will automatically transform himself into his Beast form for the remainder of the round.

The player can also uses Charge Power, sacrificing health for fill up his Beast Gauge, if the player uses all his health in the Charge Power, he will turn into his Hyper Beast Form until the end of the round. The novelty is that the player can come back to his Human Form as he wants, helping him to dealing with his Life Gauge.

Bloody Roar Online

With the online platform, Bloody Roar Online, the player can now fight against online opponents in VS Battle, Team Battle or Tournament. You can add players in friend list and make your own tournament. Training with online player is also available.

The players will earn Online Points by defeating opponents close to their rank or above (giving little to no points for beating a lower rank). The more Online Points they gain the better ranks they have. A player can loose points with abusive disconnecting. Each player can also be ranked by Connection Priority (How good their online connection is) and Disconnect Ratio (How much have they disconnected during matches).

Some online events will be also weekly appears rewarding the regular online players with a chance to gain unique prize as Online Points and pre-release DLC contents.


"In the latter half of the 21th century, burgeoning population and the rapid development of technology have affected the Earth's environment in various ways. Humans, who once gave birth to a flourishing civilization, are heading for collapse. As the century draws to a close, the world is filled with darkness and fear. Mysterious warriors appear, all displaying tribal strength, astounding athletic ability and the power to morph into raging half-human beasts! Tigers, wolves, ... they're the nature revenge on the evolution, each of us are born with a zoanthrope factor, one who give us supernatural abilities. However, the mankind can adapt himself, and in front of this new race, the powerful, unscrupulous contractors see a new possibility, a new weapon... Tylon corporation is one of them. Will mankind depend on the claws, fangs, and cunning of savage beasts to bring the world safely into the next millennium?"

1st Chapter - The Inner Beast

It revolves around Yugo and Shina and their fight against the ZLF organisation, who hides behind the false aim of protecting zoanthrope rights to make experiment on them under the funding of Tylon corporation.
The opening sequence shows Shina in kimono during an acrobatic fighting training.

Yugo comes to Shina's dojo, and HQ of the GAIA group. She asks him to wait while she changes her clothes but Yugo prefers a fight between us, he has made a long road to comes to Tokyo and need a warm-up. (Fight : Yugo vs Shina only in tutorial mode and only in human form)

Later, Shina and Yugo drink at a Zoanthrope bar. Shina explains that even if the real enemy is the Tylon corporation, they have to annihilate the ZLF organisation, first. ZLF supplies Tylon in abducted zoanthropes and the Tylon secret labs are hidden by the organisation. That's a shame because ZLF was a important help for the Zoanthrope community in term of medical and right support before being corrupted. Shina shows a picture of the ZLF leader, Gado. Yugo, confused, knows him through his father's files, Gado was his closest brother-in-arms during his war against Tylon in South America. Shina knows that if Yugo joins her it's to find his missing father. Shina makes the thing clear, Yugo has to collaborated, soon the fight will start as soon as they find Gado or the Tylon lab emplacement the operation will move off. There's is no time for questioning, Gado is a traitor.

In the return way, Shina separated of Yugo is interrupted by Fox, an assassin zoanthrope working for Tylon. Fox learns to Shina that she's the girl to shot down. Fox transforms herself into a beast. (Fight : Shina vs Fox tutorial mode).

After the fight, Yugo turns up, he felt the zoanthropes presence. Shina has win the fight but Fox was not alone, a mysterious guy stand in the roof above them. The mysterious man runs away and Yugo pursues him and discovers his identity, Cronos, but Yugo is quickly defeats and Cronos disappears in a wave of flames.

On his way to work, Amina finds a zoanthrope writhing in pain, he can't control his beast form. Amina as a nurse in the ZLF, try to heal him with her medical's bag but Stun become violent. (Fight : Amina vs Stun)

Anima calls her colleague to come and help her but a truck stops in front of her and an unconscious Stun. Busuzima get back the insect zoanthrope and ties up him to a stretcher before takes board him. Anima doesn't understand what it's happening, she knows Busuzima as her superior.

In the truck, Busuzima says to Stun that he can't stop the experiment. Suddenly Black Jacket attacks the truck, the vehicule falls on the road. Busuzima knows the attacker, a zoanthrope recently escaped from the lab. Black Jacket was freed by Stun and knows it's his turn to help him. (Fight : Busuzima vs Black Jacket)

Elek-trode finish her night in the zoanthrope club as the invited DJ. She catches up by Jenny, a spy paying for her protection. Elek-trode doesn't want Tylon to know that her father is a powerful Canadian minister,and counts on Jenny help. The woman adverts her that the ZLF know her secret and now she's in the center of their plans. Jenny confess to be their source, the ZLF are a better investment. Elek-trode betrayed attacks Jenny. (Fight : Jenny vs Elek-trode)

In a mountainous place, Alice is in search for Long. She looks back, five years ago when she tries to escape a secret lab of Tylon with Uriko another zoanthrope, she reminds the experiment on her, the evasion, the security agent who captures Uriko and Long who saves her. At first she was afraid, Long was a Tylon agent but he ran away with her. During four years, Long in front of Alice's strong desire to return in Tylon rescues Uriko learn to her martial arts in the mountain. Since, Alice returns to the civilization and enter in the GAIA group where she met Uriko's mother, Mitsuko. Long finally find Alice, she asks him to joins her and the Gaïa in their fight against the ZLF, they learn Gado's emplacement and are ready for the fight. Long refuses, he can't go back to the civilization but he's proud of her former apprentice and want to see her progress. (Fight : Alice vs Long)

Return in the GAIA dojo with Yugo, Shina, Alice, Reiji, Kenji and Mitsuko, all the members. Now that Gado is localized the operation has to start tonight. Mitsuko wants to crush him but Shina says that they need him alive for find the secret lab and her daughter, Uriko.

Reiji congratulates Kenji to have found Gado, but as his rivals he will not let him be a better ninja. We learn that Kenji and Reiji were both Bakuryu's student. The reasons that they joins GAIA it's for find him and freed since he was abducted by Tylon. (Fight : Kenji vs Reiji)

The location is an unsteady building. Shina isn't surprised by Gado's choice, Yugo thinks Shina knows a lot about him. They attack the place but Gado has a step ahead and counterattacks with smoke bomb. (Fight : Shina, Yugo vs Gado)

Yugo is defeated but Shina, even injured, swear to finish this fight, we learn that Shina is Gado's daughter. Gado rejects her accusations but she won't listen, Gado chose the hard way and transforms himself into a beast (Fight : Shina vs Gado)

Shina hits him but Gado still tries to convince her he's not the ZLF leader. Suddenly, multiple guards enters in the place, Kenji was a traitor, he guided all of them in a trap. The soldiers captures Yugo and Alice, the rest of the Gaia groups success to run away with Gado.

Somewhere, Shenlong speaks with Jenny before receives his son, Cronos, his bodyguard Ganesha stays behind the door. Cronos confess to have followed Fox, he wants to know who is Shina. Above all, the experiment on him exhaust him, he want to stop. Shenlong loses his temper, Cronos has to understand that the experiments are crucial for the future of their race and he doesn't have a word to say about how he rules the ZLF. End of the first chapter.

Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Yugo vs Shina GAIA Dojo

First round : tutorial

Only in human form

Level 1
Shina vs Fox Parking

First round : tutorial on Beast form

Fox starts in beast form

Level 1
Amina vs Stun Cherry Street Stun starts in beast form Level 1
Busuzima vs Black Jacket Freeway Level 2
Jenny vs Elek-trode Cyber Nightclub Level 2
Alice vs Long Distant Forest Level 2
Kenji vs Reiji GAIA Dojo Level 2
Shina, Yugo vs Gado Apartment 13

First round : tutorial on Team fight

Only in human form

Level 4
Shina vs Gado Apartment 13 Gado starts in beast form Level 4

2nd Chapter - a New Breed

It presents Nagi, the only girl with the power to find the ZLF HQ while Alice, Yugo and Bakuryu have been made prisoner in the ZLF secret lab.
Kenji speaks with Fox, now that his mission is completed he wants to see his master Bakuryu. Fox laughs and presents him a test tube with organic tissues there dissolved, this is Bakuryu. Kenji furious attack Fox (Fox vs Kenji). Fox explains that it was only the Bakuryu's fault, his vanity leads him to end in a puddle. Fox orders to conduct Kenji in the prison, Kenji even injured defends himself and defeat the guard before Ganesha come and knocks him. Kenji is taken in prison and Fox asks Ganesha where is his master, Cronos is making his experiment.

Yugo wakes up in a cellar with Kenji, the two fights but Kenji proves to have been manipulated by Tylon. In the way to a yard, Kenji speaks to Yugo, he had a master, Bakuryu, he was everything for him, Yugo understands he will do anything for find his father as well. An alarm rings, Kenji and the others prisoners transform themselves, unwittingly, into beast. Black Jacket recognizes the mole zoanthrope as his abductor, the fights starts in the middle of the yard. (Black Jacket vs Kenji), the effect of the alarm fades and everybody return to their human form showing to Black Jacket, a young scared man behind the mole zoanthrope. Black Jacket understands that Kenji can't be the one who jailed him.

In the Tokyo airport, Nagi walks down the stairs of the aircraft in front of Gado and Shina waiting for her. Nagi became a zoanthrope after being left for dead by another zoanthrope. Since her first transformation, she made a weird bound with his aggressor and can feel his presence. The GAIA group needs her because, in accordance with a Gado's source, the infamous aggressor have been capture by the ZLF with Nagi they have a way to find the Tylon secret lab.

BlackJacket knows Yuji, the Yugo's father, he was separated from the rest of the prisoner in a confinement cell. They're mutiple rumors about him, the most current is that he was conducted in the laboratory in the deepest floor of the establishment where runs in the mysterious Chimera project. We know that there is another isolated prisoner nicknamed the Unborn.

In the Dojo, Mitsuko trains Nagi already very skilled. (Mitsuko vs Nagi). For the fun, Reiji joins the fight on the Nagi's side and Shina joins Mitsuko (Nagi, Reiji vs Mitsuko, Shina). Shina receives a call, the explosives are ready.

Jenny, in the museum, is rejoined by Gado. She's the source. Jenny adds that the ZLF prepare something independently of Tylon Corp, it will be big. Despite Gado's insistence, Jenny doesn't want to say more so Gado suggests a fight if he wins, she tells everything, Jenny accepts (Jenny vs Gado).

Fox finds Elek-trode, Elek-trode tries to run away but Fox is faster, the confrontation is inevitable (Fox vs Elek-trode). She wakes up in the ShenLong's office. ShenLong knows that she's a minister's daughter if he accepts to finance the scientific expansion of the ZLF he can return her but if he refuses or try anything ShenLong divulges a "unprecedented video."

Before starting another test, Cronos senses an approaching danger and asks Ganesha to investigate carefully.

In the secret lab, Yugo organizes an insurrection but it's quickly ended by the guard until a lightly earthquake cuts the security system long enough for Yugo, Kenji and Black Jacket to escape. They find Alice under Busuzima's experience. Yugo frees a really angry Alice (Alice vs Busuzima). Suddenly Stun attacks the group, Busuzima runs away (Alice, Yugo vs Stun). In front of Stun's pain and sadness, the group lets, pitiful, the insect Zoanthropes fades in the shadow. Yugo and Alice get closer.

In the sewer, the GAIA group locates the secret lab, Ganesha welcomes them. (Mitsuko vs Ganesha)

After his test, Cronos dress again before comes across Yugo, Alice, Kenji and Black Jacket. Yugo want his revenge (Yugo vs Cronos).

In the ShenLong desk, Fox gets a call from Busuzima, he goes out of the room for reply him. Fox insults him, telling him that's not the time but Busuzima insists Stun is outside. An explosion helps the escape of Elek-trode, ShenLong furious orders to play the video on all the media revealing the existence of zoanthrope around the country. End of the second chapter.

Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Fox vs Kenji Freeway (Parking) Level 3
Black Jacket vs Kenji Prison Yard Level 3
Mitsuko vs Nagi GAIA Dojo Level 3
Nagi, Reiji vs Mitsuko, Shina GAIA Dojo Level 3
Jenny vs Gado Museum Level 4
Fox vs Elek-trode Freeway Level 4
Alice vs Busuzima Chaos Laboratory The fight ends before the K.O. for Stun's entrance Level 4
Alice, Yugo vs Stun Chaos Laboratory Level 4
Mitsuko vs Ganesha Underground Level 4
Yugo vs Cronos Chaos Laboratory Level 5

3rd Chapter - The Unborn

Final chapter, it tells the evasion of the group, the rescue of Uriko and the anticipated meeting between Nagi and his aggressor Xion.
In the downtown, Anima assists to the video diffusion, she's terrified that the world is learning about the Zoanthropes. She's run to the ZLF infirmary where she finds Stun. He's lost and wants her help. Suddenly, the insect zoanthrope is brutally injured by Fox. (Anima vs Fox)

Anima stops herself to execute Fox, and makes a statement about tolerance, her adoptive parents are humans and they accept her. Zoanthrope aren't alone, they just misunderstood. 

Alice, Yugo, Kenji and BlackJacket meet the rest of the Gaïa group in the lab. The situation is critic, all the place is in alert, they have to execute the plan quickly. Yugo, Shina, and Gado will stop ShenLong once and for all. Alice, Mitsuko, Nagi will save Uriko. Kenji, Reiji and BlackJacket will put the bombs. They have to be outside before one hour even if they have to abandon ShenLong or the rescue. The three groups split up.

The Kenji group stays in the lab for puts some bomb but when Kenji enters in an auxiliary room he finds an unconscious Kohryu. For Kenji, the robot is similar to his master. Reiji and BlackJacjet join Kenji and when Reiji tells hims that this is the proof that their master is still alive and using for make a robot clone army, he starts by accident an archive video who shows the horrible death of Bakuryu. Bakuryu always wanted to be powerful in the risk of administer himself some prototype treatment, one day it was an experiment too many and all his muscular tissue liquefy. Kenji put out, attack the robot but Kohryu wakes up and retorts. His friend injured, Reiji confronts the enemy (Reji vs Kohryu) but loose.

Kenji determined confronts despite his wound and the BlackJacket warning (Kenji vs Kohryu). Kenji tears to piece the opponent and declares in front of Reiji and BlackJacket that it's time to destroy Tylon.

The Alice group enters with force in the command room, they try to find the Uriko's cell on the screens but nothing and, due to Mitsuko, all the guards are unconscious. Elek-trode turns up and Alice nervous attacks her (Elektrode vs Alice). Elek-trode says that she's trying to escape the Tylon lab and explains what ShenLong did, the video, the revelation. Suddenly, a noise under the command table, Mitsuko graps and raises Busuzima up. He's terrified and injured by Stun but still irreverent towards the group. Mitsuko forces him to guide them to Uriko but before he has to open all the prison cells. All the zoanthropes are released (We can see vaguely a strange man - Xion - with an evil smile watches his cell door's opening). When they turn back for search Uriko, Nagi sees Xion on a screen and takes the opportunity while Alice and Mitsuko are away.

Gado, Shina and Yugo come across a highly protected door, Gado knows that according to the plan they are face to the HQ center where they will find ShenLong, the real leader behind ZLF corruption. Cronos appears and confess to be disgusted by his adoptive father's plan. He wants the peace between Zoanthropes and Humans and all his life he believed that his father fought for it, he was wrong. Cronos enters the code, the door's opening, announcing the final fight.

Xion goes through the prison killing all the zoanthropes he meets until he comes across Nagi. Xion remembers her and congrats her to outlive their last encounter and decide to not attack her, but Nagi transforms herself in the Spurious, Xion is insulted by what he calls an "imitation" and accepts the fight. (Nagi vs Xion). Nagi thinks winning the fight but Xion defeat her by surprise, he reaches out and takes Nagi by the hair as he raises her up. A voice interrupts him, someone hidden speak to Xion, asking if he thinks if anymore of these cruaty will help him to forget? Xion looks down and then thrusts out a spurred blade from his arm, pressing the point against Nagi's neck. Xion relents and withdraws the blade, telling to the voice that each murder is a short liberation and simply walks away. Xion makes his way past a bomb put down sooner by the Kenji's group.

Alice, Elek-trode and Mitsuko finds Uriko behind a glass cage, she's unconscious. Mitsuko, with Busuzima in her hand, without a thought start to beat the glass without listening the Alice's warnings. Mitsuko transforms herself in Beast and finally breaks the cage waking up her daughter. Uriko yells and transform herself into a surreal adult form and push away her mother who falls unconscious. Busuzima takes advantage to the situation to run away and imprisons Alice and Mitusko with the brainwashed Uriko, Elektrode is out of the room screaming their names. Alice has to fight alone her old friend became the synthetic transformation known as 'Werechimera'. (Alice vs Uriko Werechimera version). Alice breathless falls and she's catch hold by Mitsuko waken up again. Mitsuko has Uriko and Alice in her arms and promises them to always be here for them. Uriko regain her mind and recognize her mother, Misuko cries with happiness to finally hug her daughter. The security walls fall and Elek-trode rejoins them.

Yugo, Shina and Gado enters in an enormous aquarium. Shenlong is waiting for them, all his plans have failed and now he only wants chaos. He's out of his mind. Yugo wants to fight him but Gado retains him and ask Shenlong "Where is Ogami?", speaking of the Yugo's father. ShenLong answers that he was one of the first guinea-pig with others from the GAIA resistance and as all of them he's died. Yugo enraged is unstoppable (Yugo vs Shenlong).

Following a group of prison-breakers, Kenji, Reiji and Black Jacket arrive in the meeting place in the sewer but they're alone. The time is running. Through other escaped, Alice, Elek-trode, Mitsuko and Uriko appear but where's the other?

ShenLong transforms himself in Orion, a version of his Beast self genetically increased and, effortless, defeats all the group. Long appears, supporting an unconscious Nagi, and reveals the truth about ShenLong, he's only a clone created by Busuzima, Long was the best warrior working for Tylon and after his flight, Tylon created Shenlong for make him become the perfect soldier. ShenLong didn't know and confused attacks Long (Long vs Shenlong Orion version). 

The end of the counting, all the bombs explode. Yugo, Shina, Gado, Long, Nagi and Cronos have to run and fast. Yugo doesn't want to leave without have find his father but Gado confess that ShenLong told him the truth. An enormous fragment falls between Gado and the others, Gado tells that he will find another way and runs. Long guides the group, the first floors are inaccessible and too dangerous they have to go up and quick. Each of them becoming a beast they climb the walls.

The rest of the group are outside in front of the building collapsing, they're worried about their friends. Suddenly they all jump through a windows and are catch up by Mitsuko and Black Jacket. Everyone is safe except Gado who doesn't appear but Shina isn't worried she knows the abilities of his father to always come back. Tired, they start to walk in the truck. Alice in the arm of Yugo, looks glade her former master Long before confess to Yugo her anxiety about the future for the zoanthropes, Yugo speechless can't reassure her.

Cutting through the air, Jenny, in her Bat form, holds Gado before violently throws him in her balcony. Jenny tells him joking that it's the perfect time for a date.

In the End Credit, we see different TV News talking about the Zoanthrope revelation and the terrorism act toward the HeadQuarter of ZLF. The animation is in a dark and disturbing tone.

After the Credit, Busuzima in his Chameleon form cutting through the city à la spiderman with his tongue. When he arrives on a peaceful place, he calls Tylon. Uriko is gone, their secret lab is destroyed but Busuzima reassures the corporation, he has his own lab and he's got an emergency plan in development : The Titan Project. End of the Story Mode.

Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Anima vs Fox Rooftop Level 4
Reiji vs Kohryu Chaos Lab Level 4
Kenji vs Kohryu Chaos Lab Kenji starts with a half-empty lifebar Level 4
Elek-trode vs Alice Chaos Lab Level 4
Nagi vs Xion Prison Yard Nagi starts in Beast mode Level 5
Alice vs Uriko (Werechimera) Chaos Lab

2 Round Fight

Uriko can't beastorize her until the player wins his first round

Level 5
Yugo vs ShenLong Aquarium 2 Round Fight Level 5
Long vs ShenLong (Orion) Aquarium

ShenLong starts in "Orion" Beast Mode

You can't win by Time Out

Level 5

Hot Spring

Bonus chapter, presents Uriko, Yugo, Bakuryu, Alice, Shina and Jenny on a thermal spring sexy/fan service adventure. Uriko finds a cute dog and when she chases him unwisely make a lot of troubles.
Yugo's training with Kenji and Shina in the GAIA dojo when they hear a toot outside. When they go see, they bump into Alice in her car with Uriko. Alice wants to help everyone to forget one day the Tylon incident and invite Yugo, Shina and Kenji to the spa town.

Start a music video where you see Alice taking a shower in bikini before being shove by a clumsy Uriko, Kenji and Yugo dressing themselves in swimsuit, you can brievly see Yugo's buttocks, Shina who can't choose between her three bikinis and Jenny enjoying a massage in nude.

The spa has a Sento and the four chose to start with it, but Uriko sees a little dog pass and she chose to chase it pushing the wall between the girls and boys section. The wall falls, Alice and Shina accuse the boys of pervs (Alice and Shina vs Yugo and Bakuryu). 

Uriko continue her chase and shoves Jenny who's coming out from her massage. Jenny is furious to be bothered right after her appointment. (Jenny vs Uriko)

Alice and Shina are outraged by the boys' comportment and choose to go for a massage but the masseuse has just one table left. (Shina vs Alice)

Alice is disappoint, Yugo runs into her for make excuse but Uriko goes in front of him, Yugo stumps over her and his head falls in Alice's cleavage. Alice is furious (Alice vs Yugo).

Catching up by Kenji, Yugo and Alice start to wonder where is Uriko, when they find her she shares ice creams with Jenny and a white dog. Suddenly, we hear the voice of Gado who meets Jenny. Gado wears a ridiculously little swimsuit and embarrasses everyone. Yugo says that at least Shina doesn't have to undergo it.

We see Shina finds the previous dog and plays a little with him when we hear a strong male voice says "Mana?". The dog quits Shina and follows the voice. Shina stays a moment looking in the direction of the animal and smiles. End of the Bonus chapter.

Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Alice, Shina vs Yugo, Bakuryu Sento Level 5
Uriko vs Jenny Sento Level 5
Shina vs Alice Sento Level 5
Alice vs Yugo Sento Level 5


A giant conglomerate which operated ruthlessly as a major international player in a number of markets; including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. It's the corporation behind top-secret operations kidnapping and experiment on Zoanthrope in the aim of genetic engineering and biological weaponry.

Affiliated : Jenny (Secret agent), Busuzima (Chief scientist)

ZLF is an association implanted in the Zoanthrope underground community as specialised helps for Zoanthropes with medical attention and defense for zoanthrope's rights. The ZLF helps the Zoanthropes to lives a balanced double life in security. However, Tylon corp choose to corrupt the ZLF who become a place for their secret laboratory and a zoanthrope supplier.

Affiliated : ShenLong (President), Amina (Nurse), Bakuryu (mercenary), Fox (mercenary), Long (ex-affiliated : mercenary)

A secret independant group formed by Gado. GAIA's members fight for the Zoanthropes liberty and the peace between zoanthropes and humans. After a first battle against Tylon, GAIA was dissolved before being revived by Shina. Mitsuko is the only member since the beginning.

Affiliated : Shina (Leader), Alice, Mitsuko, Bakuryu, Reiji, Yugo, Gado (ex-affiliated : former and leader), Yuji (ex-affiliated)

Factor behind the particularly Zoanthrope genetic. Researchers often debate about the exact percentage of DNA shared between humans and certain non-human animal species, the fact of the matter still stands that we humans do indeed share many of the same genetic traits as our animal kin. The Therion Factor is a particularly quick-acting hormone that a zoanthrope’s endocrine system secretes at a particularly rapid rate and temporarily rearranges its host’s genetic code in such a way that it matches that of a particular non-human animal by 95-99% in little to no time at all.


Returning Fighters

Alice the Rabbit
Alice Tsukagami is a 18 years-old Asian American girl, her beast form is the Rabbit. She's part of GAIA. Five years ago, she escaped from a Tylon secret lab with the help of Long, she wasn't alone a young girl, Uriko, was with her but unfortunately she has been taken before being free. During four years, she training herself with Long on the Karate Martial art in the optic to come back to Tylon and save Uriko. When she joined GAIA, she met with Mitsuko, the Uriko's mother.

Bakuryu the Mole
Bakuryu, his real name Kenji Nobunaga, is a 18 years-old Japanese boy, his beast form is the Mole. Him and Reiji have a master, the real Bakuryu, who raised and trained them but mysteriously disappeared. His master worked as an assassin essentially for Tylon Corporation. He is persuaded that Tylon betrayed him and Kenji joined GAIA, for counter the corporation. He's a practitioner of Ninjutsu.

Busuzima the Chameleon
Busuzima, his real name JiaJun Singh, is a 22 years-old Singaporean man, his beast form is the Chameleon. JiaJun works as the chef researcher of Tylon Corporation on the zaonthrope experiments. He is a highly unstable individual, he frequently breaks the fourth wall and displays multiple potential mental disorders, including: attention deficit hyperactive disorder, maniac depression disorder. He's a practitioner of Zui Ba Xian Quan.

Hans the Fox

Fox, his real name Hans Taubemann, is a 22 years-old German man, his beast form is the Fox. He's a hot-blooded, psychotic assassin working for Tylon Corporation. Fox considers and dress herself as a woman due to an effeminate personality. He's a practitioner of Muay-thaï.

Jenny the Bat

Jenny, her real name Janka Burtory, is 31 years-old Hungarian woman. Her beast form is the Bat. Former supermodel, she works as a freelance secret Ops spy. As the femme fatale of the series, she shows as an always confident and vicious woman. Lot of characters will learn that they can't trust her. Her first motivation will always be the money. In the story, Jenny seems to have a lot of useful information for who can offer her services. She's a practitioner of Silat.

Long the Tiger

Long is a 26 years-old chinese man. His best form is the Tiger. Long knew the danger of the zoanthropes since his childhood, his inner beast, a powerful and tirelessly wildcat caused a lot of trouble for his own and his family security. Long started to use the Kung Fu for channel the tiger but with approximate success. When Tylon approached him and shared their project to study the zoanthropes, Long chose to help them despite their immoral experiments. Long was fed up when Tylon started to use zoanthrope children, Alice and Uriko. When the two girls tried to escape, Long instead of capture them, help them. Uriko can't be saved but Alice became his protege. When Alice chose to live on her own in the city, Long stayed in the mountains as a hermit.

Mitsuko the Boar

Mitsuko Nonomura is a 39-year-old Japanese fishmonger and a Boar zoanthrope. She's part of the Gaia group for one reason, take her daughter, Uriko, out of the claws of Tylon Corporation. Abducted in front of her eyes, her daughter was never seen since 5 years but Mitsuko never lost her determination to make her comes back home. She joined GAIA as they have the same aim that her : Release the zoanthropes from Tylon. One day, a new member, Alice explained that she knows Uriko, she was with her in Tylon Lab. She's a practitioner of Hardcore wrestling.

Reiji the Crow

Reiji Takigawa is a 19 years-old Japanese boy, his beast form is the Raven. Reiji followed Bakuryu (Kenji) and joined GAIA, for counter the corporation and find his missing master, the real Bakuryu. If Kenji can be describe as a calm and serious man, Reiji is the inverse he's disrespectful and loud-mouth. He's a practitioner of Ninjutsu.

Shina the Leopard

Jeanne Gado is a 21 years-old french girl, his beast form is the Leopard. Real tomboy, Shina was since her youngest age trained for the fight by her military father, Gado. She was part of GAIA since the beginning when her father founded it. When his father go to South America for attacked an Tylon labotary, Shina taken the head of the group. Gado never returns from the war as a lot of members of Gaia lost their life, the mission was a failure. The few that left with Shina, except Mitsuko, surrendered the group. Shina had to start from the beginning and found new members ready to fight for the zoanthrope rights. She later learnt that her father had anticipated and contributed to the fail of the South America mission, he was a betrayer and, worst, the man behind the ZLF corruption. Since then Shina swear to destroy her father. She's a practitioner of Systema.

She has a alternative beast form, the Black Panther.

Yugo the Wolf

The main protagonist, Yugo Ogami is a 19-year-old student from Japan and a Wolf zoanthrope who’s informed one day that his father Yuji was killed in a recent battle in South America. Hard set on finding out the truth for himself, he sets off on a journey to seek out his father’s whereabouts as well as those of Alan Gado, the sole survivor of the combat unit Yuji was a member of. It is during this very journey that Yugo finds out that his father had been captured by Tylon who fought against a division in South America. In his hostility towards Tylon, he joined Shina the leader of an activist zoanthrope group, GAIA, against the corporation and their experiment on their race. He's a practitioner of Kick-boxing.

He has a alternative beast form, the Fang, a cursed wolf.

New Fighters

Amina the Antelope

Amina is a 19 years-old Cameroonian girl and nurse for the ZLF association. Her beast form in the Antelope. One day, she found a really deranged zoanthrope, she tried to help him but he was quickly taken by her superior, Busuzima. Since that day, she started to have suspicion about the true activity of her organisation. She's a practitioner of Capoeira.

Black Jacket the Yak

Black Jacket, real name David BlackJacket he's a 32 years-old native american from the Lakota people. His beast form is the Yak. Black Jacket was captured by the first Bakuryu and make prisoner in the Tylon secret Lab. With the help of Dr Steven Goldberg is escaped. Eventually, he came back to free Steven Goldberg who became an experiment for Busuzima but the latter defeat him and put back Black Jacket in captivity. He's a practitioner of Okichitaw.

Elek-trode the Seal

Elek-trode, real name Christelle Girard, is the 20 years-old daughter of a Canadian minister. Her beast form is the Seal, her father, the shark. She choose to run away from her well-off life to Tokyo for become someone completly different, a Disc-Jokey. She adapted herself in the underground zoanthrope community where she found her comfortable. However, she's still well known, in the community, as the daughter of a politic man and Tylon has plan for her, it's an interesting chance of blackmailing for improve their experiment. Her fighting style is inspired by pop dance moves.

Unlockable Fighters

Cronos the Pheonix

Cronos is a 19 years-old Chilean boy and the ShenLong's adopted son. His beast forms are the Penguin and the Phoenix, he was found by the Tylon Corporation but ShenLong saw in him a powerful and unique zoanthropes and took him under his wing. Cronos spend a lot of his time in the lab and began to expect more than just be a guinea pig. His martial art technique are inspired by Ballet.

Despite he's presented as the Pheonix, his standard beast form is the Penguin and his alternative form the Phoenix.

Gado the Lion

A 45 years-old French zoanthrope mercenary who can beastorize into a Lion and who was best friends with fellow mercenary Yuji Ogami prior to Yuji’s untimely passing at Tylon’s hands. After a long service for the french amry, Gado founded an activist zoanthrope group in Tokyo, GAIA. When he discovers the experiment of the corporation, Tylon, Gado started a mission against one of their principal laboratory in South America where young zoanthropes was jailed. The mission was a failure and Gado was unfortunate enough as it is being the sole survivor of his battalion in a failed assault on Tylon’s laboratory, but on top of that, he had also lost sight in his left eye during the assault. He’s all hell-bent on revenge, unless some information are revealed true and he's now on Tylon side... For Shina, Gado is the "Alpha", and the man to shot down. He's a practitioner of Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

Ganesha the Elephant

Ganesha is a 56 years-old Indian man, his beast form is the Elephant. Taken from the poverty by Tylon, the organisation saw in him an ideal soldier, in fact Ganesha used his fighting style for survive. Broken by his wretched past, Ganesha accepted the opportunity. Since then, he becomes the bodyguard of the most powerful Tylon weapon : the young Cronos. With the time Ganesha started to consider Cronos as only valuable thing in his life. He is a practitioner of Sumo.

Kohryu the Iron Mole

Before being a cyborg, Kohryu was a ninja called Bakuryu. He worked for the corporation Tylon, where he underwent many experiments to reinforce his body. But these repeated procedures eventually overcame his body and he decomposed. The liquefied tissue that was left was saved after his death and Tylon managed to produce a battle robot called the Iron Mole. During his life, Bakuryu trained two future ninja, Kenji and Reiji who, now, search their master without knowing the truth about his experiments. He's a practitioner of Ninjutsu.

Nagi the Spurious

Nagi is a 19 y.o. Norwegian girl, her real name is Inga and her beast is a mi-human, mi-mantis form knows as the Spurious. Nagi wasn't born zoanthropes, when Xion started his rampage in Europe, Nagi was one of her victim despite being human. Left for dead by the murderer, she was rescued in time but not without aftereffect. Nagi starts to become a Zoanthrope but the worst effect that she gains a emotional link with Xion, her aggressor and can feel his presence. She choose to use this effect for taking revenge but before comes to him she has to train herself. When she was ready, Xion was abducted by Tylon corporation. Later, Gado contacts her, he finds that Tylon keeps an eye on her due to her atypical transformation, he wants to protect her, he learns later the link between her and Xion and Gado choose to use it for find Xion and, mostly, the secret Tylon's lab when he's jailed. She is a practitioner of Snake Kung Fu.

ShenLong the White Tiger

ShenLong is presented as a 26 years-old Chinese man, "presented" because he is, in fact, Long's clone, created by Busuzima under the order of Tylon Corporation. His beast form is the White Tiger. As one of the most influential member of Tylon Corporation, ShenLong took the responsibilities of the ZLF project. He corrupted the association and installed the Tylon illegal laboratory under the ZLF HQ. ShenLong is a cold and vain man who sees himself as the ultimate Zoanthrope. Despite being part of Tylon, ShenLong has his own project, he's convinced by the zoanthropes superiority and by the submission of the humans. He always wears bandage on his hands and forearm because his mutation condition turns his skin purple. He's a practitioner of Kung Fu.

Stun the Insect

Stun, his real name Steven Goldberg, is a 37 years-old American man, his beast form is the Beetle. He was zealous scientist working for the multinational group, Tylon. He believed his research would contribute to saving people's lives. Though, when Steven discovered the evils behind the company, he became a part of one of colleague's, Busuzima, experiments and converted into a synthetic Zoanthrope. Because of how unstable the experiment was, he could only survive on a special stabilizer forcing him to keep a transitional form between his human and beast form. He's a practitioner of Professional Wrestling.

Ouranos the Chimera

The Chimera, created by Tylon just like they converted Uriko before. She nearly has the same moveset as Uriko (Chimera) but in a more adjusted way. If Uriko (Chimera) reachs the 3meters in Beast Form, Ouranos reach the 2 meters and the two Chimera are different physically, the Ouranos' one is closer to a bull. Her multiple attack in addition with nearly supernatural abilities make her unpredictable and dangerous.

Uriko the Cat

Uriko Nonomura is a 14 years-old Japanese girl and Mitsuko's only daughter. She was living a carefree life before being kidnapped, as only a child, by Tylon, when she was nursed in one of the Zoanthrope Medical Office of the ZLF. Uriko was used in an experiment that created super beast soldiers. She was brainwashed and converted into the body of a woman that stored the power of a synthetic transformation known as 'Chimera' which merged with her natural beast form, the Cat. Her unique fighting style is intended to be random, childish and overexcited.

Xion the Unborn

Ludvig Robeck, a 23 years-old Swedish man mercenary who can beastorize into a unknown animal named the Unborn. Despite being a zoanthrope, he's got a merciless hatred for his kind, in fact, Xion is a cold assassin with the aim of eliminates the meanness of the beasts. After killing his own sister, he attacked other zoanthropes (even humans as Nagi) until being captured by Tylon and locked up, due to his dangerous and powerful nature, in a top-security cell. Since his imprisonment, he's quietly waiting for his moment. He is a practitioner of Taekwondo.

Unplayable Fighters

Uriko the Chimera

She's Uriko kidnapped by Tylon and brainwashed in an experiment that created super beast soldiers. Even if they share the same character, Uriko and Uriko (Chimera) are very different. When the match starts Uriko converts into the body of a woman (with cat ear) that stored the power of a synthetic feline transformation known as Chimera. Her beast form is 3 meters-tall making her the tallest fighter in the game. Her multiple attack in addition with nearly supernatural abilities make her unpredictable and dangerous.

Shenlong the Orion Tiger

All the experiment successes of Tylon come to one point : making ShenLong the most powerful being on Earth. Due to his luminescent white tiger form, ShenLong calls himself Orion, a reference to the legendary White Tiger of the West. In this superior beast form, ShenLong has access to a larger and more dangerous moveset who makes him the ultimate fighter and a real challenge for the opponent.

Unlockable Guest Fighters

Zorr the Tyrant

Zorr, the brutal Tyrant from Dual Heroes, an obscure fighting game also made by Hudson Soft. In his dimension, Zorr, emperor of the Zodgierra Empire is conquering universe after universe searching the Gaiathyst mineral, a source of endless energy. Zorr and his powersuit make a guest appearance in The Bloody Roar, his "beast" form is Gezorr, the ultimate malice. Zorr is not present in the game story.


Due to the wind-blocking density of the trees and an absence of wildlife, this forest is known for being exceptionally quiet. You can find a shallow lake in his center and a rocky cavern in the extreme left. This forest has a historic association with Japanese demons, be careful, it is said that these ghastly spirits glide between the trees. 

The Arenas comes in two version Original (During a sunny day) and Frozen (During the night and all the arenas is snow-covered with a frozen lake)

On the frozen lake in the Frozen version of the arena, the fighters glide along.

In a Cathedrale-like architectures. You can see the beautiful fish (even a killer whale) in a clear tropical environment behind impressive glass barrier. The spectacular stained window of the cathedral overhangs you. You can win by Ring out if you broke the first glass barriers. You can also have a access of the Dark room if you eject your challenger in the well.

The dark room is a red-lighted arena with scary sea creatures like zombie sirens or skeleton whale (Bake-kujira). On the flooded floor there's strange little kappa who disappear in the water if you approach them. Be careful if one of the fighters bleeds, the zombie sirens becomes starved and will attack brutally the glass. In the dark room you can't win by Ring out.

On the top of the world, you have a impressive panoramic on all the city of Tokyo. In this arena you will be under the light of helicopters. In the last round, one helicopter will crash on the arena (under the attack of a random character), the zone will be highly dangerous, a lot of things will happen like fire, fall of the antenna, engine explosion. Be ready ! You can win by Ring out.

A communal bath house which uses hot water from a natural, rocky hot spring in the end of a waterfall. This bath house is quite relaxing, with one large wall separating the sexes. During the fight you can break the barrier, the result is random, which type of naked people will you surprise behind? If you begin an all-female fight, you will start in the ladies side otherwise you'll start in the gentlemen side.

You can win by a Ring Out if you eject the challenger outside the source.

A majestic dojo with Chinese architecture. There's a lot of statues, engravings who recall the zoanthrope mythology. If you throw the opponent through the paper wall, you will fall into the wood bridge, you can, here, win by Ring Out if the opponent falls in the water.

A simple pedestrian street with a row of colorful, semi-detached houses in a side and a row of Cherry tree in bloom and bicycle. You can see a white tramway in the background. It's one of the most colorful and peaceful arena for a bloody violent fight. Wind animation with petal and bright sun contribute to the arena aestheticism.

Relaxing is easy on Coral Beach: sand soft and white as sugar, brilliant sunshine and azure waters abound but you're here for the fight. While you try to beat each other, you can see various animations like Beach-volley, lifeguards, sandcastles and crabs. If you go to the extreme right, you reach the rocky reefs and their wild waves.

You can win by Ring Out if the opponent falls in the water.

Coral Beach is the only arenas with uneven ground, forcing new strategies as it can change the range of the fighters' attack.

It's a secret techno-rave night club reserved to the Zoanthrope community. There's a lot of dances, parties going on around you but you're here for the fight and it's exactly what make this nightclub than popular : the violence. You will be in a neon environments, lots of light animations all of that conducted by the Disc-jokey' mix.

You can win by a Ring Out if you eject the challenger outside the glass barriers.

The high-tech prison for the Tylon's guinea pigs. You fight in a suspended cage with electric walls, surrounded by levels of balcony and prison cells. A lot of captured Zoanthropes encourage the fight, and when the hits become too violent the cage starts to swing itself.

The Arenas comes in two version Original and Survival (The version where you fight in Survival Arcade Mode)

In the Survival version, more the matches carry on more the background becomes populated and brutal. In a certain point, they will have a rebellion in the Prison. The arena will be badly light, blood will splash and transformed zoanthropes will jump on the cage trying to attack the fighters.

Get ready for high-speed action. You are fighting on various big vehicles dashing off on a freeway at night. The environment will change between streetlights, forests, construction sites and highway tunnel. Beware, using your strongest moves can cause brutal accident, forcing you to jump on another vehicles. Your reflex will be tested here.

A substandard and unsafe housing with very fragile furniture and walls. During your fight, you will crash into a bed, a closet even a toilet destroying everything all around you.

Graffiti, smoke, police sirens, rusted containers, posters, garbage containers this place is unsafe and unwelcome. When you're fighting more and more skaters, punks and other misfits will assist to the match and cheer their favorite with flags.

Be careful when you get close of the crowd, they can hit you or grap you for letting your opponent some free hits.

What a gloomy place to fight. You are in the city underground where all the shadiest things happen. The floor is wet, you are surrounded by rusted subway cars, molds, sewer and weird creatures carefully watching you. The more you fight the more of this strange underground zoanthropes will gather in the dark. In a certain point, if a fighter is tossed where there is a gathering, he will be dragged toward an unknown place and will loose the match.

With a Greek revival architecture, the museum in one of the most luxurious place to fight. It is divided in three areas :

  • Last Dinosaurs : Surrounded by animatronics dinosaurs and Jurassic environment. You can access to the Jupiter zone if you throw your opponent through the entrance. Since the fight takes place, here, on a high platform you can win by Ring out.
  • Jupiter : A corridor with statues, painting and a long red carpet. You can access to the Last Dinosaurs zone if you throw your opponent through the entrance or to the Abstract zone if you throw your opponent through a window.
  • Abstract : You can only access to this zone if your are first in the Jupiter Zone and falls through the window. The theme of this area is the optical illusion, and there's various reflections and light effects for destabilized the players' mind.

A huge octagonal platform surrounded by glass walls. There's a lot of cutting-edge technology and ongoing experiments in the background but the most visible thing will be a 50 feet-tall fetus moving in a glass tank, the more the fight goes on the more the fetus will moving, shaking and twisting.

Your opponent can be knocked into the water if you throw him beyond the barrier.

The room has a blue glow that turns orange in the last round.

You are fighting on the set of an overexcited Japanese game show. Colorful, light everywhere, a big audience encouraging their favorite. It is a fun and unpretentious level where a beautiful lady presenter can shows up anytime for make a commentary. In the end of the match the presenter will interview the winner and different animation will play depending of his success. (Bigger Animation if he wins all the rounds)

In the Blood Tackle Show versus mode version, it is a strict 2D arena where the opponent are more distant at start from each other than other arenas. You, also, can't move until the "Go!"

Minor Changes

  • The beast drive will not change the environment (like the psychedelic background on the previous installment) but will have dynamic camera plans.
  • All the characters will have a drastic change in their design, for more realistic, charismatic details. They will have an allure closer to their correspondent subculture (Japanese punk, haute couture, antique China, ...) and physical traits corresponding to their nationality.
  • Realistic proportionality in anatomy will be slightly altered (more slender, less broad shoulders, ...) but there will still be an illusion of realistic body

  • "Air effect" instead of lighting effect with the regular hits for upgrade the brutality of the series. Blood will appears with effective hits..
  • The General design (menu, mode select, characters select,...) will center around an urban style.
  • Aerial hair and clothes dynamic, bouncy breast.
  • Quick cutscenes before and after a fight between two affiliated fighters.
  • Various victory poses
  • Various defeat poses depending of the remaining rounds, the last hit taken (of if it was mid, high, low and if it was from the front, the side or the back) and if it was a KO, Perfect or Times Out victory for the opponent.
  • When the opponent is taken K.O., he will tries to get up himself if it's the last round he will fail and fall unconscious.

  • Not all the arenas can have a Ring Out victory
  • Arenas will be in constant movement (spectators, background animation, weather, ...)
  • Going through an inner-arena to another come with an energetic cutscene.

  • A various style of music but Hard Rock and Digital Hardcore will dominate the soundtrack.

  • The fighting will stress more on an effect of brutality than an effect of fast-pacing.
  • Two hundreds actions moveset by fighter.
  • The lost of health during a Hyper Beast transformation when the Beast gauge isn't full will be significantly more disadvantageous.
  • Beast Drive won't recover the health of the user this time
  • Between rounds, the fighters don't move in a default place instead the looser, after a defeat animation, will get up and the two fighters will, then, slightly distanced themselves from each other ready for the next round.
  • You can choose the mode (Standard, Sudden Death, Bloody Tackle Show, Sumo Wrestling or Gaia) in the same time as you choose the stage in a Versus play.

  • In the Character Select Menus, players can see the level of Health, Power, Speed, Mobility and Range of each character and how this statistics vary with their Beast Form(s)
  • Better voice acting who incorporates accents depending on the origins of the character.
  • The Survival Arcade mode will take place in only one specialized arena : Prison Yard (Survival version)
  • Unlockable and few DLC Costumes under various thematic : Retro Bloody Roar, Summer, Halloween, Job uniforms, ...
  • Photograph mode : Anytime a player puts a fight on pause, he can zoom in or out, turn the camera and take pictures of the scene. The pictures will go in his personal gallery and can be shared online.