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This is the article about the demonic entity. For the fighter with the Unborn beast form, see Xion.

The Unborn as it appears in Bloody Roar 4

The Unborn is a demonic entity from another dimension sealed by the Tabula of a Thousand Beasts. As one of the principal antagonists of the series since Bloody Roar 3, it has the aim to bring chaos to the world.

Despite not having much power in the real world, The Unborn, for attaining its goal, is using Xion, influencing him through his power and promises.

As part of its power in the real world, The Unborn seems to be able to take the form of the dead, as they are part of the "unborns". For example, it speaks to Xion and Long as Xion's murdered sister.



In the Bloody Roar mythology, The Unborn represents all the life forms that could not evolve through natural selection and all the future life forms that will bear through evolution but are not existing yet. The Unborn was a creation of Gaia, the only force which is able to choose which life form can exist or not.

As it was becoming a demonic entity, Gaia confined The Unborn in another dimension with the only escape, the Tabula of a Thousand Beasts, being sealed by the Sign of the Beast (X-Genome Code).

Bloody Roar 3[]

Bloody-roar-3-artwork-ME0000088191 2

The Unborn taking over the world

In the events of Bloody Roar 3, The Unborn manipulates Xion to kill all the Zoanthropes bearing the Sign of the Beast promising him a new world far away from his "trivial world". Once, he will defeat them all, Xion would channel the power released by the Tabula allowing The Unborn to spread and take over the planet.

To help him, The Unborn gives to Xion, the Unborn form, a powerful and demonic Beast Form. The Unborn also strengthen its control on Xion using the form of Xion's defunct sister to manipulate him (just after Xion killed his sister under The Unborn's influence).

Despite his strength, Xion is defeated and the Tabula of a Thousand Beasts is destroyed preventing the power of the Unborn from awake.

Bloody Roar 4[]

BR4 Unborn End

The Unborn vanishing

During the Tabula incident, Nagi was mortally wounded while trying to stop Xion. She survived but with the cost to let the power of the Unborn impregnated her, like for Xion, and obtained the Spurious Beast Form. Until the events of Bloody Roar 4, she was still freed of the Unborn's influence but, as she meets Xion again and stabs him, The Unborn takes full control of her body.

As The Unborn's minions, Xion and Nagi were sent on a mission to weaken Gaia by destroying her most powerful weapon, Ryoho the Dragon. They are finally freed from the Unborn's influence when Mana casts a spell on them. Then, Xion and Nagi combine their power to shatter the Unborn.


  • It is possible to fight against the Unborn's possession with a strong spirit. To this point, only Long has been able to reject by himself the Unborn despite being impregnated by it.
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  • In Stun's story from Bloody Roar 3, Stun gets also impregnated by the Unborn, transforming into a powerful monster. In the next installments, this transformation was not developed or even referenced and Stun seemed to come back to his usual self.