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The Under Ground Falls is a location and fighting arena that appears in Bloody Roar 3.


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The arena takes place in a city underground in what seems like a sewer.

The fighting arena has a particular length like a tunnel but only a few spaces it's available at the beginning of the match. The fighters have to first destroy the yellow and black wood barriers in the optic to gain more space. There are four wood barriers two on each side of the fighter at the beginning of the match. When the whole space is available metallic barriers will stop the progression of the fighters.

The arena is a water surface and the fighter's feet are submerged.

The surrounding, it's underground with stone walls, pipes, and guard rails. There are four water exits on the level with wire, two small conducting the water on the fighting arena, and two big exits outside the arena at the top of waterfalls.


Stage Theme[]

Under Ground Falls Bloody Roar 3