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The World of Co-Existence, or World of Coexistence, or W.O.C., is a Non-Government Organisation created by, his current leader, Yugo Ogami, following the events of Bloody Roar 2. The goal of W.O.C. is to support the peace between humans and Zoanthropes.

Starting as a small volunteer group, the organisation had grown into a commercial enterprise.

The Creation[]

As the ZLF went down during the end of Bloody Roar 2, there were no more organisation helping the Zoanthropes' rights. Gado tried to convince Yugo to be the leader of a new group that would support the peace between humans and Zoanthopes, thinking that the new generation of Zoanthropes can make the difference that he hoped in his youth.

At first, Yugo refused but Gado, with the help of Kenji, convinced him of his potential as a leader and a fighter for the Zoanthropes' rights. Yugo reluctantly accepted the position and proposed Kenji and Alice to join him, as vice-presidents, in the organisation that will be called World of Co-Existence.

The Expansion[]

Less it's known on how the W.O.C. became a powerful organisation before the events of Bloody Roar: Extreme. The multiples volunteers of the organisation are now all around the world, as Kenji is showing negotiating in an airplane.

It can be due to Yugo's perseverance as he was described, by his partners, to be nearly obsessed to help all the Zoanthropes from human experiment like he helped Kenji from the ZLF.