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Yuji Gado

Yuji Ogami was the father of Yugo. As indicated by Gado when he discovered Yugo's beast form [1], Yuji's beast form was the Wolf.

Little is known about him except that he fought Tylon Corporation in a group of mercenaries with Gado. They wanted to put an end to the experimentation that Tylon made on the Zoanthropes for military purposes.

During one of their confrontation, Yuji was captured by the corporation.

During his captivity, Yuji served as a guinea pig for diverse experiments and died during one of them.


Without official confirmation, we can say that the picture holding by Gado during the Bloody Roar opening represents him and Yuji during their mercenary days.

Yuji is a central character in Gado's story in the first Bloody Roar, as Gado is helping Yugo to find him. Outside the possibility that the man appearing in the picture really is an unknown character that was never mentioned during the game, Yuji would be the only option on the man's identity.

Shina Yuji

Yuji also seems to appear in Shina 's story, in Bloody Roar 2, during a flashback where Shina was fighting alongside Gado on a battlefield. The man in the background has the same round sunglasses and short brown hair.