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BR2 Buildingb2

Since the last fight in Bloody Roar 2 is played in this stage (the building), it can be assumed and established that this is the ZLF Headquarters.

The Zoanthrope Liberation Front (ZLF), also known as the Zoanthrope Release Battle Line, is an organized group in Bloody Roar 2 that fights for the rights of all Zoanthropes. It was created after the fall of the Tylon Corporation from within the first Bloody Roar and that it was established under the initial aim and purpose to defend and protect the zoanthrope race against both the prejudices and persecutions of the human race.


They are few illustrations of ZLF members. They are generally wearing green military suits and have an "ape-ish" appearance.

However, the group had soon become an international terrorist organization in due time, being arrogantly convinced that the Zoanthropes were superior to the humans and that they should no longer fear or be afraid of them while also attempting to establish Zoanthrope supremacy over the human race. Even the zoanthropes themselves aren't safe from the ZLF, for those who defy their views and refuse to fight for their own supposed righteous cause are kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming loyal soldiers sworn to serve the ZLF.

The group is led by Shenlong, a genetic clone of Long, and Busuzima, who serves the role of the ZLF's head scientist.

Kenji was kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming the new Bakuryu by Busuzima, unwittingly and unwillingly assuming the role of a deadly ninja assassin for the ZLF until he is saved and freed from his brainwashing by his own adoptive older brother Yugo.

Shina had suspicions that her own adoptive father, Gado, was the leader of the ZLF, but fortunately, she finds out later on that this is truly and undoubtedly not the case.

Mitsuko was abducted by the ZLF after she had refused to fight for their cause and that they had intended to brainwash her into becoming a loyal soldier for the group. Fortunately for Mitsuko, she was rescued and saved by her own young daughter Uriko.